Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ich bin ein Palestinian

The Berlin Wall was 154km long.
The West Bank Wall is 700km long.

Where is the outcry?

The Berlin Wall was up to 3.6m high.
The West Bank Wall is up to 8m high

Where is the outcry?

The American President decried the Berlin Wall.

The Americans airlifted aid to those cut off by the Berlin Wall.

Where is the outcry over those cut off by the West Bank Wall? Where is the American airlift?

And let's not forget those cut off by the illegal Gaza Strip blockade by Israel.

JFK declared that we were all Berliners in the face of Communist tyranny that sought to block off human beings against international law.

Why doesn't Obama declare that we are all Palestinians in the face of Zionist tyranny that seeks to block off human beings against international law?

Why does Israel get carte blanche to break so many international laws on invasions, acts of war, illegal nukes, mass imprisonment, mass expulsions, land-grabs and so much more?

To ask the question is to answer it.

Publicise the Illegal West Bank Wall


Anonymous said...

no-one should expect support from a political party, and a political system, that is owned by the money of zionists.

israel has a nation state cannot survive the next fifty years. it has hurt too many people, has too many who want to see it overturned.

as the west falls into decadence and decline and is usurped by the economic powerhouses of the east we will see the political/military support for israel ebb away.

remember israel is a backward country with no industry and poor soil. its only real industry is fruit. it could never survive without western money and ww2 reparation payments.

those who support and grovel to israel are losing more and more control over public perception with each passing zionist atrocity. of course the zionist money that pays for advertising in news cartels and funds the careers of politicians still allows for great influence. yet in spite of this the truth is getting out.

israel is running out of time and its apologists are running out of lies.

Anonymous said...

The Bandit State is not the 'end game', why do you think that there are more Ashkenazis in NY than in the Bandit State?


When some of our 'own side' fail to grasp this then what hope have we of securing national freedom?!

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