Friday, 11 June 2010

Your BNP Blog Smears NF Activists

Internet Smears

There is an article on the Your BNP blog which condemns Nick Griffin as a sociopath.

Part of the article, referring to the 1980s NF, reads:

He developed “The Radicals” into a core of trained activists, the “political soldiers”. This group was a forerunner of today’s elite in the BNP – the party within a party whose leaders skim money and make themselves rich.

Now that can be read in a number of ways, but the ideal of the 'political soldiers' within the 80's NF (and after it) was never about "making money."

In fact the Cadres - the educated militants, the 'political soldiers' - of the NF paid monthly dues into the NF as well as being expected to carry out activities on an ongoing basis.

As such many cadres gave both of their time and money, many of them way beyond the bare minimum expected.

Thus it is a groundless smear on the many activists of the National Front from circa 1986 to 1989 to make out that they were all 'on the take.' As with BNP and other militants today, they were, on the contrary net contributors to the cause.

When Nick Griffin quit the NF in 1989 (over, amongst other matters, 'selling out' to Zionists and homosexuals) in the video made to explain his motives he attacked one NF leader (now back in BNP circles and on a wage/commission from its Trade Union) he said was taking a wage for collecting Cadre dues.

In that video he said that taking a wage from the cause was counter-productive and should not be tolerated.

How times have changed.

The honour and good name of the NF cadres and militants of 1986-89, many of whom went on to be active with the ITP, needs to be defended from those who speak out of ignorance (wilful or misguided).

Just because the BNP has turned into a multi-million pound scheme that enables a handful of people to cream off hundreds of thousands of pounds, does not give the right for those who seek to clean-up the BNP to cast aspersions about nationalist militants from another era.

By all means criticise the NF for working with racial separatists, for standing against Zionism, for promoting Distributism, for seeking to educate militants, etc. etc. but please don't fabricate outright lies about the many good men and women who gave of their time and money over many years fighting for the nationalist cause.

In so doing you undermine your own position.

Purging the Dross


Anonymous said...

i am a nationalist, ive even been prosecuted by the state for my convictions. yet today there is no pure nationalist party that i can support. certainly not the bnp which has become a vessel for making money and shows such a poor grasp of events that it cuddles up to the zionists who are the prime cause of all the unrest in the world.

the bnp lacks any sort of principles on which to anchor its beliefs. this is why the bnp slides from compromise to yet more compromise. the bnp is decadent and dying. i live for the day when the nationalist community finally buries this rotiing corpse.

Anonymous said...

The day has finally arrived that those who 'keep alive the flame of British nationalism' show themselves to be the traitorous vermin they are.

Listen all you BNP'ers, today's BNP would have been squashed into oblivion if they were around in the pre-mid90's as the 'racist tories' that they are.

BM/NF contained some of the most unselfish, dedicated, LOYAL activists British nationalism has seen, f**k me! even your opposition today (UAF) aren't up to violent mass of yesteryears ANaL/RedAction-AFA.

Interesting to see those British 'nationalists' of yesteryear also at the head of BNP dept. today. Just in case anyone is unsure, Wingfield/Harrington/Butler/Brons et al were State assets then and are State assets now!

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