Tuesday, 28 September 2010

It's Modern Democracy Jim, But Not as We Know it

Choose Your Poison Dumb Goyim.

Right: Milibandbot 1.2 is made Labour leader.

So a Miliband is now the leader of the Labour Party, having beating a Miliband.

The leader of the labour Party would be the offspring of a Jewish Marxist who "escaped the Nazis" (considering so many did we have to question the total ########### ########### [deleted by the thought police]).

It reminds me of the election in America in which Bush and Kerry ran for the presidency. Both were members of the highly secretive Masonic Skull & Bones society. So whoever the Yanks voted in, they'd get a 'bonesman.'

That's democracy all over.

The party system, media control etc. etc. ensures that elections are usually Tweedledum V. Tweedledee affairs, with the usual Masonic puppets fighting over the "centre ground" and extolling the virtues of multi-culturalism and the dangers of global warming.

Democracy = control by the elites, Masonic parties, plutocrats in control, under the iron heel of international financiers, taxed to the hilt to throw money into a bottomless hole of usury debt.

Just to make you happy on a Tuesday!

Peoples of the World Unite Against the Masonic Powers: You Have Nothing to Lose but Slavery and Debt.

Rant over.


Anonymous said...

Democracy is a grand ideal. But that is all it is --an ideal. In the real world it does not exist. How ludicrous it is to believe that people of power would give up that power which is what democracy requires. I would suggest a political axiom is that power is never voluntarily relinquished. And what is power? My 'off the cuff' definition is that it is the ability to significantly control the present and determine the future. This ability is made possible through the possession of money in very large amounts and the willingness of most people to be bought. Money and power are more or less the same thing. Democracy means ,roughly speaking, that the people make the decisions. Does any realistic person really think that the highly manipulative multi billionaires of this world are going to let a mass of non achievers make the decisions? Of course not. But they realised long ago that democracy is a wonderful tool for them. if the masses believe that they are in control, and they determine the future then they, the masses, have nothing to resist. The most secure power is the power that is hidden . And so democracy is turned upon it's head.
It becomes a tool of the enslaver.

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