Wednesday, 8 September 2010

What About Israel's Illegal Nukes Mr Blair?

As Mr Blair makes his appearances before tough interviewers like BBC liberal Andrew Marr (ha ha), he not only fails to see how he is responsible for giving 'American' Neo Con war criminals a fig leaf of "legal" coverage for their illegal war, he is already promoting war against Iran on the subject of... WMDs!

Pinch me - I'm dreaming... albeit a dark nightmare.

Mr. Blair - please tell me why you aren't concerned about illegal Israeli nukes.

After all, whilst Iran (like Iraq before it) lets the weapons inspectors in: Israel doesn't.

Why is Israel a different case? Why does the USA give Israel cover at the UN against resolutions?

Mr Blair, you know that Israel already threatened Russia with nukes. Are you really happy with a belligerent state run by loose cannons that have started wars with neighbours in recent years having nuclear weapons?

If we started a war with Iraq over non-existent WMDs and are now getting wound up against Iran when they say all their development is for nuclear power; why is the elephant in the room -- illegal Israeli nuclear weapons -- being ignored?


Anonymous said...

Just been on the phone to Vanunu and he confirms that if it was not for him Israel would still be denying the existence of nuclear weaponry....and no doubt acting the 'poor persecuted little country.'

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