Friday, 24 September 2010

Michael Williams: "predatory, manipulative and prolific offender" gets FOUR YEARS!

Yes - another paedophile, whom police say may have abused (directly and over the web) up to 1000 children, gets just 4 years in prison.

Right: Predatory paedophile Michael Williams, jailed for four years.

Liberal democracy is sick.

How can a "man" be jailed for such a ridiculously short term?

You cannot call it justice because it makes a mockery of the term.

But it is the very epitome of liberal democracy, wherein victims are left on the scrap heap and the 'human rights' of degenerate sickos -- who should be strung up or have their knackers cut off and jailed for life -- are foremost in the minds of the legislators and regulators.

This is the same system that has decided:

  • That millions of non-Europeans should be allowed to settle here.
  • That millions of children could be killed in abortuaries.
  • That Christianity (74% of the population) could be sidelined.
  • That homosexuality (1% of the population) was not a mental illness, but should be promoted.
  • That illegal wars could be "legal" if a government minister changed his mind.
  • That usury banks should be bailed out whilst we are taxed to extremes to pay usury debts.

Let's not even mention membership of the Masonic EU and all the financial and societal costs involved therein (including 'human rights' for paedophiles).

BBC article on Williams


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