Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pact of Steel T-Shirts On Sale & Wehrmacht Hoodies New In

We have a sale on oh faithful readers.

This great design (see right) AH & BM shirt commemorates the Pact of Steel.

Now at just £6.50 for a limited time only - or until stock runs out!

Available in Medium to XXL, be the toast of the town.

Questions re. payments etc. to:

While we're at it check out our new WW2 range of hoodies, from the classic Eagle design to the Deutsche Wehrmacht hoody (left), brand new in stock at £24.99 -- just the thing for those cold Autumn/Winter evenings that are peering over the horizon.

Say "bollards" to the Che wearers with these stylish tops.

AH & BM Size M
AH & BM Size L

AH & BM Size XL

AH & BM Size XXL

See Hoody pages for new hoody designs.


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