Monday, 13 September 2010

Peter Tatchell Apologist for Paedophiles, Militant Atheist Homosexual

Peter Tatchell likes to pass himself off as a "human rights" campaigner.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Right: Public apologist for paedophilia, and homosexual militant, Peter Tatchell shows his intolerance as he denounces Anglicans who (in his eyes) "dare" to oppose homosexuality. As a militant atheist homosexual he will not stop until every church betrays the Bible and centuries of tradition by "accepting" sodomites and all their baggage.

In essence he is a vile, militant, atheist homosexual with a hatred of traditional Christian values. He has also promoted paedophilia - with children as young as nine-years-old - as an objective of the homosexual movement.

What's funny is that Tatchell paints anyone who holds genuine family-first moral values as totalitarian and hateful, yet the faggotmeister himself is intolerant of anyone who opposes militant homosexuality, proving that the whole struggle for/against "homosexual rights" is not about 'dogma' or 'tolerance' but rather is about right versus wrong.

You are either for homosexuality and the creeping acceptance of paedophilia that accompanies it, or you are against homosexuality and the creeping acceptance of paedophilia that accompanies it.

Regardless of how a liberal enemy media tries to spin it, that is the truth.

Tatchell and his acolytes (including the powerful in the media and government), and a smattering of 'useful idiots' and liberals, stand on one side in favour of degeneracy and the crumbling of the family, hence growing lawlessness, amorality and immorality.

The rest of us stand on the other side, defending the family, standing against immorality and trying to prevent society crumbling.

Nationalists should all stand against homosexuality and crumbling standards or we have, as a movement, already lost.

Peter Tatchell exposed


Anonymous said...

The 'Gay Mafia' realise that the majority of queers are the victims of child abuse.... That is the tragic paradox.

Also, why in fact to the queers always want to join those who don't want them? Why does no one ask why there is such a fuss when a group states they don't want to permit a certain section of society then that very section of society campaigns to be permitted admittance?!

All in the name of 'equality', well there is a reason why nature dictates there be no 'equality' in much the same way as it provides for 'discrimination' they are both mechanisms for the defence and well-being of the healthy core.

As an example, my colleagues and I do not want to associate with 1. muds 2. queers 3. sex-cases 4. paedos. So what are they going to do? organise a demo to join us? and then what happens? court orders? It's about time the decent turned round and by any means (violent or otherwise) not only rejected such degenerates but rid this world of their existence!

Anonymous said...

What annoys me most about about Peter Tatchell is that he is a spineless jellyfish who only spits his vile views against Christians. He would not dare criticize the Muslim faith which frowns heavily against Homosexuality. Come on Peter show us a spine?? Have a go at the Muslim faith. If you expect the general public to think about or even consider your militant views you need to be equally critical of all the other faiths that denounce homosexuality and not just the easy targets,

Final Conflict said...

Anon 1: yes. Many poofs are sadly "created" via abuse. The public school system in the UK being an example.

Anon 2: Tatchell wouldn't dare attack Muslims at Hajj in Saudi or a rabbi in Tel Aviv. He knows that Christians in this country are soft targets.

When he travelled to Russia, Christians there shut him up via a well aimed punch to the face.

Thank God some people are willing to defend the honour of God and Christian civilisation.

Anonymous said...

The call for Tatchell to devote similar resources on attacking muslim seems to be a way to justify his attack on Christianity, so what if he attacks muslims?

Tatchell is a degenerate who his just a sub-division within the 'Gay Mafia' which in turn is merely another front of the wider Elder offensive.

Anonymous said...

tatchell wont be happy until it is legal to bugger 9 year olds.

he is a vile sodomite and in a civil, just society would get his just deserts before he and his cohorts could corrupt a single child.

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