Saturday, 15 January 2011

Global Warming Happened in Roman and Medieval Times

Can "global warming" and its effects account for the Fall of the Roman Empire?

So say the 'experts' after looking at tree rings.

Right: Just one example of how Tree Rings can show local weather patterns in history.

See the BBC story here.

This means that:

  • If Global Warming is true (as a man made event), we could see the fall of the USA's Zionist Empire.
  • Or will the collapse of global Capitalism be put down to changing climate as opposed to usury and unpayable debt?
  • Global warming and cooling has been happening in Roman and Medieval times (and of course in the last ice age) long before 4x4s or the advent of the internal combustion engine.

So we have to ask what causes Global Warming if it has been happening throughout history? Is a natural occurring phenomenon and if so why are taxes, restrictions and globalist policies being promoted?

Answers on a postcard to George Monbiot and all the Guardianistas whose individual "carbon footprints" are a damn sight higher than poor working sods like me who they like to lecture!


Julian said...

I too am unsure about the religion of “saving the planet”, the vehemence and sometimes insanity of its adherents.

I do agree with recycling etc as part of “waste not want not”, but there is something going on – google for example on “what happens to London’s waste” – there’s no actual information on what or where all this recycling is being done. Remember all the photos of politicians and activists posing at domestic waste recycling plants? No? That’s because there’s no such pictures. Google on Recycling Plants in the UK. See the hundreds dealing with domestic waste? Nor do I.

As for not using fossil fuels, well in 30 years there’s no oil anyway. But we have millions of years still to live on this planet - to think that we aren’t going to burn every drop of oil and lump of coal is unrealistic to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Recycling is a money-making scam, the beauty for the scammers is it is YOU that does the work for them!

The Mafia have been running such an operation for eons.

Anonymous said...

As long as they're Europeans i dont care who makes money on it. i'd rather that than it rot in the ground.

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