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Chris Beverley Sacked, Simon Darby Back - Latest from (Anti?) Zionist BNP

There has been a lot of "chatter" on the internet - in the blogosphere and forums (or fora!) - about the sacking of Chris Beverley, the BNP's Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Organiser.

Right: You will wait in vain for a similar poster to this one (which could have been produced in Israel!) warning of the danger of Judaism or Race-Mixing from the Nu-BNP or EDL.

Outwardly at least this seems like another nail in the coffin of the BNP, at least in its reputation of being nationalist, or rather, holding any last vestiges of nationalism in its make-up, for Mr. Beverley always seemed a very decent and honourable nationalist.

The rumour mill has started up over the BNP's choice as his replacement, with sordid stories of explicit sexual behaviour carried out in the public domain.

The sad thing is that some people hope or think the BNP will replace the Wesminster corrupt old gang of politicians, yet before it has a sniff of real power it is caught up in financial "mismanagement," pecadillos that would make a Sunday tabloid editor blush and much more besides.

It is many years since I saw through the lies of the type of people who now lead the BNP. Remember how Martin Wingfield and the "Flag NF" were the worst enemy? - reactionary Tories and State agents to a man - then their leaders were on the BNP gravy train. Or remember how Pat Harrington and Third Way were the worst enemy? - sell outs to Zionists and homosexuals - then their leader was on the BNP gravy train.

Funniest of all is how some ex-BNP people quit and formed the "British Freedom Party." On the British Democracy Forum recently a Griffinite was slagging them off for being degenerates because some of them are known homosexuals.

OK. Yet at the same time he was defending the homo/bi-sexual antics of a BNP employee, whilst failing to recognise the "degenerate homosexuals" in the BFP were, until very recently, activists and members (I think even local organisers?) of the BNP! It seems degenerates are OK in the BNP, but become human garbage once they quit.

The hollow nature of his moral outrage was lost on the poor soul. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Meanwhile, a familiar figure was wheeled out on the 26th to be the official spokesman of the BNP (despite various announcements that he had resigned etc.) and it's our old friend 5IMon Darby whose dodgy background has been detailed on this site before now.

Funnily enough the (ex?) deputy leader and (ex?) media spokesman for the BNP was on the Daily Politics show on the BBC seeking to defend the indefensible. If you have the BBC i-player facility (i.e. you're in the UK and have the internet) watch the Daily Politics from the 26th - it's near the end of the programme.

The matter of the BNP's dodgy accounts comes up, of course. Again rumours are rife on the net that the BBC's Panorama programme are putting together a programme that will detail alleged corruption and theft in the upper echelons of the BNP.

Smirking away in the background on the show was Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP who beat Nick Griffin when he unwisely parachuted himself into the Barking constituency. She sat there pleased as punch, no-one bothering to bring up her dodgy past in at best messing-up and allowing a paedophile scandal in a childrens' home to go on for years, or as some allege covering-up the paedophile scandal because of the damage it would do to the local Labour Party, her as the then council leader and the Labour Party as a whole.

Funnily enough, as Ms. Hodge is purported to have Jewish ancestry, one of the funniest squirm moments for 5IMon Darby was when he was asked why the BNP was denouncing the EDL as "Zionist."

Why so funny? Well, as when the civic-nationalist BNP condemn other groups for being civic-nationalist (the BNP have promoted race-mixing and "black Britons" at various places and in their official media - printed and online), similarly the BNP which has courted Jewish votes in London, played up its anti-Muslim credentials to Israeli media outlets, and generally played an (at best!) ambivalent role when it comes to Zionism and the "Jewish community" in the UK, is now seeking to condemn the English Defence League as "Zionist."

Now I agree with the BNP, the EDL is Zionist, but when it comes to the BNP and the EDL on matters of race, homosexuality and Zionism we are talking degrees of difference rather than outright opposition.

For many years the BNP has been deliberately ambivalent and two-faced on these matters, wishing to have their cake and eat it. One might even argue that at least the EDL is open and honest about their homosexual, Jewish and coloured supporters, whereas the BNP had/has them and certainly wanted them (and their money), flaunted it to an enemy media and pretended otherwise to certain constituent supporters.

The BNP were following a Zionist agenda for many years (Israel was a 'democracy,' Islam was the main/only enemy, Sikhs/Hindus were allies, non-Muslim Africans were welcome and so on), now the EDL has picked up that poison chalice and run with it.

The problem the BNP now have is to its own supporters it has to paint the EDL as non-nationalist because of this, but to a media that it tried to neutralise by playing up its own Israel-friendly stance it looks two-faced for the BNP to now condemn the EDL as "Zionist."

With all these financial and political problems, the BNP still 'smells' like a wrong 'un when hitherto 'good eggs' like Chris Beverley are pushed out of their roles (the BNP is already spinning that he walked, but he has made it clear he did not) to replace him with someone with (at best!) a degenerate, pornographic link that could be highly embarrassing, meanwhile we get the 5IMon Darby affair with the "is he/isn't he" a BNP leader...

Some nationalists think the BNP must fall, if a decent nationalist movement is to rise in its place (one might argue that the system has backed the EDL for this very purpose!), whereas others think that if the BNP falls, nationalism itself will be knocked for six -- with everyone being tarred by the same brush of corruption, nepotism, degeneracy and policy betrayal that is turning away both activists and voters from the BNP.

One thing is certain, a game is being played out here, though the outcome is still far from certain.


Julian said...

Nicely written, and well said.

Anonymous said...

Good article of which conclusion is the fact that it is of utmost importance that the BNP do not cease to exist because to genuine nationalists/racialists it is a means to corral the scum who leech off our Cause/State operatives.

Julian said...

Anonymous - I think the conclusion you mention is your own and not contained in the article. I'm also concerned that you link the terminology of our enemies with how we perhaps describe ourselves.

Final Conflict said...

Besides which the idea that State operatives would ever be 'corralled' in one group is childish. The state will always try and infiltrate or closely observe every group.

The difference is whether the group[s] follow a state-prefered line.

My gripe with groups like the EDL is that they are pro-homosexual and pro-Israel when they do not have to be. There is no 'clamour' in the working class for either cause: only amongst Guardianistas and the media-elite.

Perhaps like the BNP before them, they are trying to deflect media hiostility, but like the BNP before them it is a short step from paying lip-service to that ideal to openly embracing it, thereby losing genuine patriotic support.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the BNP as the above anonymous has stated, it is best that they exist so real nationalists/racialists are not bothered by these leeches.

What part of nationalist/racialist is 'enemy terminology' I am a racial nationalist.

As to FC and the statement that 'State operatives' would never be corralled in to one specific group, you have missed the point entirely, I made reference to the entire BNP set-up and the politicos who now make up the membership.

I am more than aware that State operatives are embedded within 99% of ANY political group.

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