Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Two New Criminals: What a Waste of the Court-System!

So a couple running a bed & breakfast have lost a court case brought by two sodomites, because the b&b owners wouldn't let the buggers stay in a double room.

Right: Peter and Hazelmary Bull with supporters. Hardly the image of hate! How happy are you that time and money is wasted dragging such law-abiding normal people through the courts, as Britain descends into amoral and violent chaos?

Years ago we used to moan about 'Blair's Bolshevik Britain' because of all the restrictive laws that he passed, and the time wasted on passing laws to favour the sodomites and other degenerates.

If you are a genuine Christian in this land, and that includes being opposed to sodomites and the promotion of their death-style and immoral creed, then you cannot be a social worker, a "relationship" counsellor, open an adoption agency, or run a hotel or bed & breakfast.

Or rather you can: but only if you agree to their Bolshevik-laws, i.e. you have to promote homosexuality too.

If you don't some degenerate sodomites will crawl out from under their stone to take you to court: backed by some sodomite "charity" or, as in this case, the government's own Equality and Human Rights Commission.

We are free to shake our chains.

And if you speak against it on the radio or at a public event, the police will knock at your door (yes, this is well documented), even if faggots beat you up in a public place for promoting Christianity, it is likely that you will be arrested if the queers claim you were being "homophobic" (regardless of the facts - in a Poof version of the ultra-pc MacPherson Report guidelines)

Cameron has replaced Blair. Blue has replaced Red. But little else has changed. The rot continues.

The onward march of degeneracy, sodomites, their paedophilic agenda (promoting buggery to school children via "charities") continues.

Don't accept it!

Speak out against it. In patriotic circles, on nationalist forums, in your local Church, to work colleagues or wherever else you can let others know that they are not alone in finding the governments obsequious fawning to the sodomite death-style totally repugnant.

They can close down the adoption agencies. They can ban the bed and breakfasts. They can arrest the street preachers. They can bring the Stasi dawn knock-at-the-door to those who speak out. They can pass their laws, and use State agencies to spread fear; but as long as one brave soul will speak the Truth, they can never stifle it.

And there are many of us left!

The fight for freedom is underway, do not be cowed by the bullies. We have the Truth on our side, and 'the Truth will set you free!'

BBC story (typically pro-poof)
Couple Claim they were Set-up


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