Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Usury, Banking Collapse, Unemployment, Taxes and Bonuses: We Lose, They Win

Yesterday on the BBC News at Ten George Osbourne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, said that cuts were necessary as we need "to pay the country's credit card bill."

As local councils look to put people on the dole and close libraries, swimming pools etc. this is scant comfort for us plebs.

What George - chum of the Rothschilds and Bullingdon Club spoilt brat - fails to understand is that he is the economic boss of a STATE, not a mum on a council estate.

He shouldn't be turning to loan sharks to make ends meet. We shouldn't be paying back BILLIONS in loan interest payments.

He, if he put the people first -- and not the profits of the banksters -- would have the government issue its money as a credit (instead of borrowing it into circulation as a debt).

This simple act would save us BILLIONS.

Our taxes could be slashed. Money put into schools, libraries etc. could be increased.

Left: Barclays Bank boss Bob Diamond. He's on an £8 Million bonus this year, despite, as says: "Barclays was yesterday hit with a record £7.7m mis-selling fine and ordered to pay back £60m in compensation to thousands of customers." If you oversaw a record fine in your job would you get a huge bonus - or the sack?

Tony Blair said "education, education, education" yet in his first year in power he spent more on debt repayment than education!

The politicians are covering up this scandal, decade on decade.

In this week's Private Eye they mention government minister, Francis Maude, who was paid almost £600-an-hour after tax as an advisor, by Barclays Bank.

And we should all remember how Norman Lamont (and the Exchange Rate Mechanism mess that cost millions) walked out of office to a job with Rothschilds.

When will the politicians put the people before usury debt? When will the politicians stop trying to line their own pockets whilst we drown in the usury-debt created by their chums?

When will we realise that these people - chosen by party political machines bank-rolled by Big Business - are little more than treacherous hirelings of the banking system?

So, could things get any more annoying than George "Boy" Osbourne treating us like imbeciles on the news, waffling on about the "credit card" we have to pay back?

Well today I did something I don't normally do (promise you won't tell?).

I was out for lunch with a colleague in an Italian bistro and while we waited for our food I looked at the newspapers available to read in the establishment. Ignoring the tabloids, the only other paper was The Independent.

So, I took it and flicked through it.

Therein was a disturbing story (past the paper's gloating over the court victory of two sodomites over two hoteliers in Cornwall).

Goldman Sachs - possibly the most Zionist of the banks - which was responsible for the 'world economic crash' that took Capitalism to the brink of ruin, quite literally, and yet the paper was saying how the bank (which should have folded) was dishing out bonuses to the tune of £10 Billion.

Yes: £10 Billion!

The CEO of Goldman Sachs (one Lloyd Blankfein!) has overseen this opulence, while the peoples of America are still suffering after the economic collapse.

Right: Goldman Sachs boss Lloyd Blankfein. According to Fortune magazine "He was paid $68.7 million in 2007 - record for a Wall Street chief - and recently bought a $26.5 million apartment at 15 Central Park West." 2007 was the year before Goldman Sachs helped put us billions in debt and put millions on the dole in the USA, Europe and elsewhere. Nice to know he lined - and is still lining - his own pockets. Kerching!

Nice to know that wherever they exist, no matter how much debt and suffering they cause, despite the hikes in unemployment and taxes they bring about; the banksters are content to dish out huge bonuses to themselves.

The inmates may be running the asylum, but it's the criminals who are profiting.

Goldman Sachs Rewards Staff


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