Friday, 14 January 2011

UKIP Beat the BNP in Oldham East By-Election

UKIP have beaten the BNP in yesterday's Oldham East by-election.

Right: Even a Labour scandal involving "Muslim death threats" and a recent spate of Asian 'grooming' gangs raping primarily White girls couldn't raise the BNP vote.

A few issues arise:

1. This used to be BNP heartland. Didn't the BNP leader himself stand here before? He certainly talked of fighting this by-election, but withdrew.

2. Some say the UKIP aren't nationalist. True. But by the same criteria the BNP aren't nationalist. Both are pro-black, allow queer members etc. Both are anti-EU and talk of 'getting tough' on immigration. The BNP have moved onto UKIP territory not vice-versa.

3. Ipso facto, NG's boring drone of being "the only show in town" and the historically true observation that UKIP never did well outside the Euros looks like it could be dead in the water.

Left: Full colour leaflets, years of campaigning, a household name, and an endorsement from local MEP Nick Griffin - none of this helped the BNP vote. They seem to have run out of steam.

Lazarus Griffin will live to fight another day, the mail-outs and fund-raisers will continue (they have to in this ponzi scheme). But is this another nail in the coffin for the BNP?

Debbie Abrahams Lab 14,718
Elwyn Watkins LD 11,160
Kashif Ali Con 4,481
Paul Nuttall UKIP 2,029
Derek Adams BNP 1,560
Peter Allen Green 530
The Flying Brick Loony 145
Stephen Morris Eng Dem 144
Loz Kaye Pirate 96
David Bishop Bus-Pass Elvis 67


Anonymous said...

We know they beat the Eng Democrates.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time a British National Socialist Party organised themselves for election?

Our people want STRONG, UNCOMPROMISING solutions not wishy-washy 'sound bite' recepticles!

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