Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Affordable Croatia? Part 2

Read this piece (see first link below) on a BNP meeting.

There are a number of interesting questions which arise from this:

1. Why was arch-Zionist Lee Barnes present? He is not even a BNP member, yet he has this kind of access to (what must surely be) an important meeting. The chap feeding the info to The Observer got the impression he was No. 2 in the BNP!

Barnes has published some of the most outrageously Neo-Con and pro-Israeli material, even supporting Israel when they invaded Lebanon, which only the most diehard Zionists did.

2. Who is Alan Goodacre? Economics adviser??? A rather tenuous title (like Barnes's "legal advisor" - is this a Blairite government by advisors?), and he has also written some appallingly liberal trash for the BNP (and wrote "Our party no longer denies the Holocaust, an obvious historical fact" to the Jewish Chronicle).

Have historical "certainties" or open debate ever been voted on at a BNP AGM? Or is Goodacre (who he?) of sufficient seniority in the kosherised BNP to espouse New BNP policy in an e-mail to the Jewish Chronicle?

Is there a kosher trend here?

Perhaps Goodacre had a "suitcase full of money" perhaps not... but it's all a bit Walter Mitty anyhow, if not Monty Python!

Is that how seniority is bought in the BNP? Is that how policy is decided?

I hope details of the "suitcase" of money for Mr. Griffin's expenses were passed onto the BNP's accountant! ;-)

3. Certainly it is interesting that the BNP invite an "expert" (McKillop) with links to the Jewish big businessman Sir James Goldsmith (Sir Jammy Fishpaste as Private Eye called him).

Those of any importance at this meeting seem to fit a certain neo-con Zionist stamp.

As for the land itself:

1. Who owns the land? According the report a mysterious and wealthy BNP member: another Kosher patriot? Another Israel-Firster?

2. How can BNP members go there if it is owned by one individual? This could all die overnight, or given over to one or a handful of leaders "in trust" for the BNP...

3. Are shares being pimped to BNP members? If so, will they actually be worth anything?

4. If trips are made there... we hope no asbestos removal is undertaken...

5. Given the nature of the meeting participants, might this be some kind of Neo-Con pay-off? "You turn the BNP into a Jewish friendly, liberal-race, poof-member party which just bashes on the Muslim ticket" the sort of thing Barbara Amiel might arrange.

I for one do not believe this claptrap about the oil running out. It may in the future, but bio-fuels and other sources will be found by then. We're in more "danger" from the arguable theories on "global warming" and certainly in more danger (should I tell the BNP?) from economic collapse or inter-racial/tribal conflict.

That is if Israel doesn't start WW3 in the meantime (shh. don't tell Barnes or Goodacre).

The oil running out seems like a convenient smoke screen for some kind of retirement fund pay-off, or (if BNP members are being asked to "invest") another cheap scam.

Beware! Zionists are tied into this one...

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