Thursday, 4 October 2007

Liberal and Zionist: It's the BNP

A good friend, whose integrity and honesty are well regarded throughout the wider nationalist cause sent me this, and I think it is of interest to those within the BNP (who are kept in the dark) and those who seek to oppose the liberalisation and (dare I say it?) Zionification of the "nationalist movement" of which the BNP is a part:

One of my sources within the BNP writes:

"Griffin seems to be getting rid of his old Executive Committee, and forming a new invisible one, incorporating;
Arthur Kemp; Tony Lecomber; Patrick Harrington; Simon Darby; Lee Barnes. This inner circle is nothing to do with the EC, but the real people that Griffin shares ideas with. As the EC can get rid of the Party Chairman by a two thirds majority if they wish, rumour has it that Griffin is moving to abolish the EC.

"Doc Russell [FC: BNP Press Officer] had a heated argument with Arthur Kemp about Tony Lecomber. Kemp told him he was a useless fat old f###er who should just go away. This was the real reason for his departure, and not because of Doc's first wife being Polish.

"The general feeling amongst the (ever growing) anti-Griffin crowd, is that Griffin wishes to use the European elections to put all the party's resources into fighting the best seat. Griffin hopes to get elected, whereby he'll be on £250,000 a year tax free + expenses + pension. After five years, he would then be in a position to switch parties if he so wished (ahem), and then possibly retain his seat for another five years.

"Ciao for now,"

It's an interesting thought that of those on this list, Arthur Kemp has been named by Gaye Darby-Lewis (wife of jailed South African patriot Clive Darby-Lewis) as a South African police spy, Simon Darby (who lives a comfortable middle class life style without visible means of support, and claims to be in business while working virtually full time for the BNP, without drawing a salary from the party) is probably a career MI5 agent, while the late John Tyndall suspected that Tony Lecomber had been "turned" by the British state during his second spell in gaol (when he received a remarkably light sentence for attacking a Jewish school teacher). Lee Barnes is completely insane, while Patrick Harrington is nominally the leader of another political party (the Third Way)!


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