Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Chewing the Fat on Immigration

According to who you want to believe in media-land we're turning into a nation of fatties.

Obesity, so "they" tell us, is the "new Global Warming."

By that they don't mean another fallacy or con job (I suspect) but rather that this requires urgent attention!

The power of nightmares part 94.

Isn't it funny how those responsible for creating a mess are always the loudest in shrieking for something to be done?

Capitalism insists on the "power of advertising" which, in turn, creates a "do what thou wilt" society (to quote Alestair Crowley).

In an age when Big Bucks is all that matters, the shoddiest produced, brightly wrapped, crammed with sugar, heavily advertised "treats" will be the ones that sell.

Oh yes, things were so "drab" in the 50s when we all ate fresh veg and meat...

The Capitalists who bank-roll the political parties are the ones whose supermarkets insist on aisle after aisle of sweets, crisps, ready-made "meals" and other chemically-crammed foodstuffs.

With extra sweets n snacks piled up by the till just to get little Jack or Sophie pulling at mum's sleeve for one more pack of sugar disguised as food.

And the politicians? As someone phoned in to a radio this week said, they are the ones who've sold off the playing-fields and told schools that competitive sports are "bad."

Unless and until someone comes along who will fight against the big businesses, the TV and Playstation culture and demand football, hockey, netball and rugby for all schoolchildren three times a week - we'll be(come) a "nation of fatties."

But such things are not "popular" - ask Jamie Oliver (the "naked chef") who tried to get good food into schools... and in a "democracy" it isn't what is CORRECT that matters - but rather what is 'popular' or (to be more precise) what makes the most money and what the advertisers can make 'popular.'

Anyway, while we're at it - in this climate of continual studies to tell us what's bad for us, and the problems we'll face in the future - isn't it about time we had one of those on immigration?

And I mean a proper study and a proper debate!

Left: Immigration and Emigration figures. As most people leaving the UK (for Europe, North America etc.) are British and/or Whites - this merely exacerbates the situation. Many liberals and reds argue that we "need" immigration because people are leaving. What they don't tell us is the racial make-up of those leaving, nor that if it weren't for immigration and the mess it causes, many would not leave.

There was one of those ridiculous ones the other day about immigration from Eastern Europe - you know the highly politicised sort which cannot disguise the costs in schooling, healthcare and housing (let alone law and order) but which drones on about the benefits to our economy.

Now let me get one thing straight - and it's a contentious point for some I know: I am not opposed per se to immigration from Eastern Europe.

Many of these people are hard-working fellow Europeans who bring their White faces, Christian heritage to some of the 'darkest' areas of London, Birmingham etc.

The problem I have is with the Asiatic gypsies and criminal Albanians who have crept in under the cover of Lithuanians and Poles; the scale of the immigration (which should have been far more curtailed and controlled); and the lack of controls re. those with criminal records (rapists, thieves, etc.)

As an aside, I also take umbrage with the need for so many workers when we have so many druggy deadbeats, anarcho-do nothings and others who sit on the dole getting my tax money for doing bugger all. If they won't pick spuds or clean hotel rooms then why should they get continual hand-outs and housing benefit for life?

To my mind, a controlled amount of healthy, law-abiding families and a balanced mix of men and women from the Baltic Nations, Poland, Hungary etc. would be acceptable - just as the Poles and East Europeans who settled here after WW2 (many anti-Communists) settled, assimilated and became good "Brits" albeit with their own heritage and culture.

I have had the good fortune to meet many of these people - including those who served with distinction on the Eastern front fighting Bolshevism, and their families are perfectly settled, hard-working, tax-paying, Church-going Brits of European extraction.

One might compare them to the Irish of North London, the Italians of South Wales and others who have assimilated and added European cultures to our homeland.

No, I am not opposed per se to Poles and Balts - more so the manner in which the influx occurred.

For me it is not so much about space (though this must be taken into account, obviously) but RACE.

So, to return to my point, let us have a real study, a real report, a real debate.

Our inner cities are awash with drugs, gangs and drugs. These have killed more than any so-called Al Qaeda "threat" (or CIA/Mossad threat).

Where is the debate? The children and grandchildren of the African and Asian settlers of the 50s, 60s and 70s have brought us what exactly?

Why are those still flooding in from Africa and Asia never talked about?

The Poles are put up as a "smokescreen." What about the Afghanis, the Somalis, the Bangladeshis, the Pakistanis that are still flooding in?

While we're at it, let's have a debate about the impact on our country, our culture, our communities?

Communities in London, Berkshire, the Midlands, Lancashire etc. etc. have been destroyed. Communities where everyone knew everyone and the door was always open: these days have evaporated.

Left: An industry has sprung up, including advisers, solicitors, community workers and council helpers which tells immigrants how best they can get free housing, free healthcare, free food, free money and more. This book claims to be for professionals and visitors, but much of the advice available out there, to those from the Third World, goes to those who come to milk the benefit system.

The Christian nature (however nominal) of our land has imploded in a wave of Muslims, Sikhs, Zoroastrians , Buddhists, Animists and (literally!) God knows what else - and the cohesive nature of Faith has been replaced by a fractious, antagonistic mess whilst our own creed has faced frontal assault by Communists in local government and an "ecumenical" fifth column of Reds and faggots from the 'oh so modern' seminaries.

Communities that were homogenous, Christian, hard-working, law-abiding have been replaced by what?

I was near my old junior school the other week as it emptied. Talk about spot the white child! These are Asians born here, so they won't even figure in any immigration statistics and yet in 10 - 15 years the community I grew up in will be even more Asian than it is now!
What have we to thank immigration for?

Big Business has profited by under-cutting wages which the government tells us is a good thing ("it helps the economy").

We have more curry restaurants and rap music.

Is that worth it? Is it worth the upheaval? The violence? The drugs? The guns? The alienation? The family break-down? The rootless offspring?

So whilst liberals and quangos bring out reports, stimulate media headlines and constantly whine on about Global Warming, obesity and whatever else is the flavour of the day -- we face a media lockdown and government lies about long-scale, mass immigration, especially in regard to non-Europeans.

It's enough to make you turn to chocolate and crisps!


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