Saturday, 20 October 2007

Ignorance and Revisionism

In recent weeks and months the BBC has performed a series of Mea Culpas over reporting duplicity and rigged phone votes.

Other channels have suffered too, but the BBC (which many, though not nationalists, have regarded as a study of probity and honesty) has been most dreadfully damaged because of its reputation for "fairness".

So the BBC (with its in-house production and external producers) have taken a battering - pretty much choreographed, but a battering nonetheless.

Integrity. Honesty. Truthfulness. Openness.

These seem to be the benchmarks of the 'New BBC.'

Yet, just like New Labour and (Brown's) New New Labour, this is so much exterior whitewashing, and whilst at first (as with the newspapers' denouncement of Paparazzi intrusive photos after the death of Princess Di) it appears to be shiny white with heartfelt promises being made throughout the media - it won't take long for the cracks to start showing again: for it is the very nature of the media to make things far more certain and far more "sexy" than they are in our 'real lives' which tend to be far more drab, hypocritical, mundane... than BBC reports might have it.

And so how long before the BBC bring out another "fake-umentary" with "evil Neo-Nazis" or "extremist Christian fundamentalists" etc. etc.

How long before the BBC addresses the real problems with multi-culturalism and mass coloured immigration? Or the damage done to society by abortion? Or the harmful nature (to individual, community and nation) of homosexuality? Or the truth about usury and the banking swindle?

How long before the BBC puts out a programme defending our Christian heritage instead of mocked-up "history" full of modern ideals and spin?

In the last few weeks I've had the misfortune to see the Tudors, the BBC2 "history" of an early Henry VIII, made very much in the manner of the series 'Rome.' I've also seen a couple of the programmes of the new Robin Hood series.

The Tudors is crammed full of Grade A Bull Guano in which only St. Thomas Moore and Henry's first wife are seen to be fully Christian... and even in these cases Moore keeps banging on about being a "humanist." Since when does a Christian saint subscribe to the ideals of Freemasonry - and those from a latter century? Of course, Catherine of Aragon is pretty much dismissed as a foreignor.

It all stinks of a modern re-write of history.

We should be used to the lies (from the pens of Jusaisers and Zionists) concerning events such as the Spanish Inquisition or World War Two - all done for political ends - but now we're facing the twisting of hitherto accepted norms, such as St Thomas Moore actually being a Christian.

As for the BBC's Robin Hood - well that just limps from outrage to outrage.

Some of the long-term readers of this blog (you die-hards, you gluttons for punishment!) will know that I have written a diatribe about this series before (there was a negro sergeant-at-arms in the first series). Now we have the ridiculous situation of an Asian (Saracen) woman (and she a genius too!) in Hood's Saxon outlaws and yet another negro! - this time as a genius (as ever!) blacksmith (though they just called him a smith - very pc) in the village of Locksley.

With two Negroes in close proximity of Nottingham, one would be forgiven for thinking that there must have been thousands of coloureds living the length and breadth of England at this time!

Add in the Asians (supposedly) living in England too - and you can see the message being sent out far and wide: we were a peaceful multi-culti land back then - just as we are now!

What the concocters of this garbage forget is that the Saxons fought the Normans to remain free... and these were related peoples. The same concocters tend to overlook the Crusades, at least when they are mentioned at all, the heroes tend to speak out against them (again, in a very "humanist" way).

See the message: Christianity is bad. Homogeneity is bad. The English (apart from a "Masonic" Saint!?!) were ambivalent to the Faith and uncultured morons. Whereas Multi-Culti is good. Race-mixing was accepted. Other cultures brought understanding and learning.

Our history, our heritage, our religion, our peoples, our nations - everything about us is being undermined by a set of politically correct degenerates.

We should not... no, strike that. We must not accept these outrageous assaults on our history, on our forefathers.

A few re-edited scenes regarding the Queen? Who cares? - well ok, it is indicative of a wider editorial malaise in the BBC that sees them making fast and loose with the facts; but compare it to willful re-writing of our history and the rush to transfer the multi-culti, Freemasonic ideals (of a failed experiment!) to an age when our people were Christian, secure, homogeneous...

No-one is suggesting that all in the garden was rosy: but the idea of our forefathers being ignorant uncultured savages is a nonsense. They were probably more aware of their country, their way of life, their Faith, their freedoms, their soil and their blood than the great swathe of Sun-reading, Eastenders-watching morons today who keep placing their faith in treacherous Masonic politicians.

That's why even when Henry VIII tried to claim more powers for himself by closing the monasteries and grabbing the land -- which had been used to support the monastic institutions which cared for the sick, the poor and the destitute (as well as travellers) which would have to be replaced years later by the awful workhouses -- revolts and uprisings occurred, amongst other places, in Yorkshire and the West Country some of which had to be put-down by hired mercenaries from abroad.

Today the land is grabbed by absentee landlord insurance conglomerates to be farmed by huge chemical agri-business and what do the people care about? Phone-ins being rigged on meaningless chewing-gum TV which only the brain-dead would have the notion would be 'money well spent!'

Did the people of Devon and Yorkshire have more political awareness 500 years ago? More notion of freedom? More awareness of faith and heritage?

When I erringly stumble on a Sun editorial or I overhear someone talking about a family upheaval on some TV show, I am tempted to think so.


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