Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Freedom's Fashion

We've promoted our FREE ERNST ZUNDEL badge as a means to raise funds to help the brave defender of academic and historic freedoms Ernst Zundel.

According to David Williams (who he?) of Searchlies "[the badge] will no doubt become this season's essential fashion accessory for the discerning fascist eager to advertise his or her bigotry."

Well quite!

What they see as a put-down actually encompasses exactly what the badge should be, but rather than displaying "bigotry," the badge actually shows the wearer's adherence to freedom and their refusal to bow to the lies, pressure and blackmail of a Zionist behemoth which engages in locking up writers and academics, as well as attacking sovereign nations and excusing the murderous actions of a terrorist regime which illegally occupies Palestine.

Still... the thought was there!

Support Ernst Zundel. Buy and wear the badge!

Go get it:

Free Ernst Zundel Badge


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