Friday, 5 October 2007

Era of No-Change

Gordon Brown says it's an era of change...

David Cameron says only he can deliver real change.

How long before people realise that this bunch of rich Freemasons will just deliver: more of the same.

You can sense a rant starting can't you dear reader?

Suffice to say that the usual downward spiral will continue.

Unless and until we get a political leader who has the cajones to stand up to the vested interests and the moral fibre to stand out against the background of money-grubbing, corruption and nepotism we might as well forget the whole party charade, stacked as it is in favour of all things Masonic.

There's a saying, anyone who wants to be Prime Minister should be automatically barred from the job.

Thus far that saying has yet to be proved wrong, no matter which party you like at.

There. I avoided a rant! Though it wasn't easy! ;-)


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