Tuesday, 27 November 2007

No Platform for Sell-Outs???

It's funny isn't it?

Oxford University Debating Society holds a debate on 'Freedom of Speech' and because Nick Griffin of the BNP and revisionist historian David Irving are invited those who purport to be in favour of freedom of speech when offensive material or foul blasphemies are aired on Channel 4 or in The Tate are at the front screaming about "no platform for fascists."

Most wouldn't know what a fascist is or what fascism means - but that's another matter.

What I find hilarious is how times change.

Not so very long ago we - at FC - were fraternally asked not to promote David Irving because he was "selling out" by backtracking on revisionism, i.e. the "it happened but Hitler never knew" line.

The person imploring us to take this hardline approach (against a historian!) also said that pushing a hardline revisionist message was vital to undermine Zionist attacks on nationalism.

So who was this hardline 'dinosaur' who thought Irving was selling out by suggesting his own interpretation of a historical debate?

Step forward Nick Griffin (Cantab Hons).

Leopards? Spots?


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