Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Warning: Dyke Rant Ahead!

So now the government want to make it official policy that dykes (i.e. lesbians, not Dutch earth-works) can have IVF (in-vitro fertilisation, not an Ulster paramilitary group) with their blessing!


It's enough to make the most laid-back, easy-going, live n let live fascist-type going into a wild-eyed, jabbing-finger, spittle-producing rant!

These liberal scumbags are deliberately, step by Stalinist step, purposefully seeking to undermine our society!

Right: "Never Again! The poofs join the other myriad of "Nazi victims" in the HolyHoax. In reality we should be crying: Never Again: No More Laws for Faggot "Rights."

Things get worse and worse, thanks in large part to 60s liberalism, and what do these commissars of degeneracy do?

Correct their glaring errors?

Put right the huge wrongs they have committed in the name humanism, Marxism or other Masonic ideals?

No! Like blinkered lemmings heading to a particularly lethal cliff they charge on ever faster.

I wouldn't mind, but they're out to take the rest of us with them.

I, for one, am sick of this. Whoever thought 'Political Correctness' was dead or out-of-fashion is woefully wrong!

I do not think homosexuals deserve equal rights. I know they are deranged people, some of them are mentally ill, all of them are partaking in a "lifestyle" that is dangerous for them, for society and for entire nations. It would be uncharitable of me to say otherwise: for no-one can benefit more from this blatant truth than the homosexuals themselves.

Left: Even heavily disabled homosexuals are degenerate and are happy to parade their filth in public.

To stay silent, or to turn a blind eye (no pun intended on any political leader) to the detrimental affect of these degenerates on our nation is to be as guilty in the gradual destruction of our civilisation as the Marxian throwbacks in government or the suicidal Pink Mafia bribing them for more and more laws that favour homosexuality.

In an age when thousands of crimes which effect our people in their daily lives are not even investigated (e.g. burglaries) I find it not only shocking, not only amazing, not only sickening but downright Satanic that "our" government finds yet more time to pass more pro-homosexual laws which will divert police from their 'proper duties' (catching real criminals) to yet more Politically Correct witch-hunts.

If it is to become illegal to say that homosexually is wrong - socially, individually, nationally, as well as from any decent political, religious, moral or other viewpoint which cherishes the family and decency - then this corrupt Masonic regime will be forced to lock up hundreds, if not thousands, of decent, patriotic, law-abiding people.

We might then get a glimpse of the Marxist nature of this regime which is trying to do what the mass-murdering Commissars of Bolshevist Russia could not: rip out the very centre of society, the family!

P.S. Why do the pooftahs and dykes get possession of the term "Hate Crime?" Surely burglary is a 'hate crime' against the householder, yet the police admit to not even investigating a large proportion of these attacks on our daily security. And what of the very real anti-family, anti-Christian hatred witnessed at each and every homosexual rally?
In PC Britain it is indeed "one law for them..."

P.P.S. One of the sprogs told me today that an Anglican friend of his was in Church last Sunday, when his vicar said a natural disaster had happened in America because of a "Gay and Lesbian" convention happening in the area! What a hero! Surely the first vicar candidate for a medal from our very own Ranting Ron?


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