Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bad Language & Bad Policy!

I've had some weird and wonderful e-mails sent to me in the last week or so. Perhaps the most bizarre was containing texts from the Blog of the arch-Zionist Lee Barnes, the alleged "legal eagle" of the modern[ist] BNP.

Some of his posts were so full of vitriol and foul language, one has to question his legal-expert status, if not his sanity.

People you overhear on the street using the same foul verbiage are either the unintelligent in need of a dictionary or, very occasionally, the very childish (irrelevant of age) seeking to "impress" their friends by 'looking hard.'

I don't know which Barnes is, but neither bodes well for the BNP!

One other of his posts, that I saw, was on his favourite subject: Anti Semitism and Islam. For the uninitiated The BNP organiser for Tel Aviv is bitterly against the former and, er... bitterly against the latter too!

In fact reading his diatribes against Anti-Semitism and 'Islamofascism' one might be forgiven for thinking you've stumbled across a post from the Simon Wieselstool Center (American spelling intentional); just as he and his acolytes in the modern[ist] BNP pour scorn on anyone questioning either the holocaust or the official version of '911.'

The Mossad and/or CIA version of events seems to be the officially sanctioned version of the modern[ist] BNP just as the political stance of the spooks seems to be that of the latter too.

After all, if we begin to question the Holocaust, or who was behind 911, just as who built up Osama Bin Laden and all the rest of it -- we get answers the Zionists (inc Lee Barnes's BNP) don't like.

Indeed at one point Mr. Barnes gets all George Dubya "on our ass" (sorry to go all Hollywood there!) and says that we must all be either be "with the BNP or against the BNP."

So we must either acquiesce in this fawning pro-Zionist drivel or we are to be painted as "anti-nationalist" by Mr. Barnes; those of us with intelligence meanwhile know that it is Mr. Barnes and his ilk who have the ear of the BNP leadership that are anti-nationalist for when were "we" ever told nationalism: was pro-Zionist; was to ape the language of the CIA; was to accept Zionist versions of history; was to become a purely anti-Islam pressure group; was to soft soap on homosexuality, race/immigration, Capitalism and all manner of other evils?

Mr. Barnes says we must all back the BNP as it transmogrifies in to a modern anti-Islam pressure valve. One might think he felt strongly enough to actually join the BNP - but not so (despite having his foul and Zionist blog on the official BNP site).

Now, as reported in the FC e-zine, we have the BNP leader giving talks in American universities against the 'Muslim threat' in Europe... the Zionists, banksters, Bilderbergers et al must be rubbing their hands in glee!

A movement that opposed their worldview is now acting as their voice on the streets...

To borrow from Churchill: Never was so much earned, by so few, to betray so many.

Jump in your Affordable Car! Insure Yourself with Albion Life! Set sail the Fascist Navy!!! ;-)

Israel Needs You!


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