Thursday, 29 November 2007

Labour Donation Scandal: The Zionist 'Bachelor'

Imagine if a political party were embroiled in a donations scandal involving Muslims who support a "war-mongering"foreign State (pick from the media's hit-list: Syria, Iran etc.)

Do you think the media would stay quiet about this obvious angle? Or would they just be named as individuals?

There would be uproar! You know it - I know it.

The Neo-Cons and their Kosher-Tory hangers-on would be wailing on about "Jihadis" funding a mainstream political party.

Now look at the Labour Party's recent funding uproar.

Mr. Abrahams gave money through various third parties, at least one of whom knew nothing (as a Tory supporter!).

Labour's head of extracting cash a Mr. Mendelsohn (yes, he replaced the squeaky clean Lord Levy!) is up to his neck in this.

Pictures of Gordon Brown glad-handing Mendelsohn at a Labour Friends of Israel meeting have been on the news...

Yet the Zionist/Israeli angle have been overlooked.

No, not even a whisper from the Kosherised BNP! Imagine their apoplectic fit if Abrahams and Mendelsohn were Muslims!!!

There are a couple of interesting things here.

1. Whose money was it really? Some folks in Newcastle say that Abrahams isn't all that rich... Is there an Israeli/Mossad or Bob Maxwell-style link to this?

2. What is Mr. Abrahams as well as being a Labour Zionist? The men who "hired" a false wife and son to fool his way into being a Labour candidate. Words such as "confirmed bachelor" abound together with his "love of the theatre and musicals." No-one has confirmed his love of fudge... as of yet.

The politicians are already trying to cover-up and some want to change the sytem to funding via the taxpayer... but will the Israeli link come out of the closet re. Mr. Abrahams.

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