Thursday, 22 November 2007

Democratic Values

Selling off the nations gold reserves at rock-bottom prices.

Giving more power (as if they needed it!) to that "den of iniquity" the usurious Bank of England (sic).

Entering illegal wars on Zionist America's coat-tails.

Losing bank details of millions of child benefit recipients.

Releasing mad cow disease into the countryside.

Handing over more powers to Brussels and reneging on a promise to hold a referendum.

Overseeing more and more laws giving "rights" to homosexuals.

Undermining the traditional family structure via its taxation and benefits policies.

Is it any wonder everyone is sick to death of this Labour government?

But to replace them with another bunch of corrupt, money-grubbing, shyster, cover-up, lawyer-class, Masonic, Zionist party politicians will do nothing to remedy the situation!

They will all suck up to Zionism, they all believe we should be "multi-culti" and so on ad nauseum!

There is a lot in the old saying 'anyone who seeks office should be automatically barred from doing so.'

We don't live in a "democracy" as they portray it - we live in an oligarchy, wherein the rulers behind the politicians are always Masonic banksters who ensure the government is always filled with Masonic lawyer types.

But then again... isn't that what democracy has always been?

Since when have "the people" ever been in charge or had a say?


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