Friday, 23 November 2007

Another White Victim...

Anthony Joseph stabbed a white man to death on a bus.

Joseph admitted manslaughter on grounds of "diminished responsibility."

Right: Anthony Joseph, the perpetrator of a violent racial attack.

He was black. His victim, Richard Whelan, was white.

The victim had "dared" to ask Joseph to stop throwing chips at his girlfriend.

Let us reverse the scenario.

Whelan, a White man, stabs a black man to death on a bus with the merest provocation.

RACE HATRED headlines would abound!

Whelan would face the harshest penalty for racially aggravated murder, and Joseph would get a memorial or a stained glass window. There might even be a public enquiry or a march by the usual rent-a-mob.

But as Whelan was the victim, his killer will face a reduced manslaughter charge and, if sent to Broadmoor for his schizophrenia, should he be declared "safe" in fiver years time, he'll be a free man (again - he was already jailed and freed by "doctors/experts" once before)!

Is it any wonder we feel like second-class citizens in our own country?

The biggest wave of racial assaults takes place in our inner cities, and the police and media mask the figures or sweep the racial aspect under the carpet.

Perhaps someone should release a chart song about Richard Whelan called "Young Gifted and White" - let's see how much airtime it'd be allowed... whereas our ears are still assailed by the 70s hit 'Young, Gifted and Black' with great regularity on BBC and commercial radio stations.

Anyone else spot a pattern?

left: Richard Whelan, a White Victim of a mindless Black Thug.

Immigration and multi-culti madness have brought us nothing but destruction of communities, lack of security, lack of identity, trouble, violence, drugs, gun crime etc.

I don't know about you, but the "salt in the soup" argument is wearing pretty thin! Our compatriots of European Christian descent add enough variety (from the Italians of South Wales to the Australians of London, or the French, Germans, Spaniards and so on) without the added violence and racial conflict.

It's high time that mass coloured immigration was recognised as a complete and utter failure.

We never wanted or needed it. Time to close the door and reverse the procedure, for the benefit of everyone concerned.


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