Sunday, 22 November 2009

Black British Patriots? The Day Approacheth

The North West Nationalist blog has dug out an interesting article by John Tyndall in which he dealt with the BNP leader's attempts to bring in coloured members (some years ago!)

The article has some other interesting sections, here are the most pertinent bits:

Then when the ink was hardly dry on the June election ballot papers Mr. Griffin put forward a proposal that was certain, had it been carried through, to split the BNP in two. This was his crazy scheme to alter the party constitution to let in non-white members. He only backtracked after massive grass-roots opposition to the scheme had made itself manifest. In a declaration on the BNP website on the 23rd July he announced a complete about-turn, saying that the plan had been abandoned and that the membership rules would stay as they were, employing arguments in support of this that were an almost exact replica of those that I and several others had put forward against the change only a few days previously! This was not leadership; it amounted to a pathetic blowing with the wind.
Notwithstanding this volte face by Mr. Griffin, I am not convinced that we have seen the end of his ambition to bring non-Whites into our party. In statements to journalists he has been confessing his support for the idea for at least two years. I fear that we will witness a replay of the project before very long, albeit perhaps by means of different tactics.

So it was clear to JT that there was an agenda to allow in coloured members, when the BNP had been founded and most of its members believed that it should be run as, an organisation for the 'aboriginals' of these islands.

On working with non-Whites JT states the following (which is exactly the position of the NF of the 1980s and of Third Positionists ever since):
Associated groups
The BNP should be willing to consider schemes of co-operation with non-white ethnic groups towards the achievement of our repatriation programme, but this should not involve granting them any special status with regard to the BNP, whether as party members or in any kind of formal association. I therefore would immediately dissociate the BNP from any groups that have been formed over the past five years which grant such association. This would include the so-called 'Ethnic Liaison Committee' and any others of its kind. If those comprising such groups wish to maintain them in operation, that is their affair. However, they would no longer be permitted any association with our party.
A sensible approach which proves there is no meaningless "racism" at work, simply a respect for all peoples and a desire to have a European Europe. We simply want what the Indians achieved in the 1940s: our own land free of any colonialists.

Then there is another very interesting part of the article in which JT tackles the thorny issue of Islam. This is of great interest to every nationalist (within and outwith the BNP) as the current BNP leadership has seen fit to make Islam its "Great Satan" and in the shadow of this seen an ally in Israel:

The BNP and Islam
I have always been opposed to the current policy of Mr. Griffin of singling out Islam as a special enemy of Britain and concentrating most of the party's fire on that religious creed, rather than dealing with the overall threat of multi-racialism to our country, of which immigrant groups happening to adhere to the Islamic faith are only a part.

If the Middle Eastern and Asian ethnic communities which have brought organised Islam to Britain are repatriated to their ethnic homelands, the problems posed to the country by Islam will disappear. Putting it another way, these problems are not primarily religious but racial.

As long as the Islamic communities are confined to their native continents and countries and do not attempt to impose their religious customs on the people of the United Kingdom, we have no quarrel with them.
There is much for nationalists to take in. But the idea that the EHRC (1984-style Equality & Human Rights Government Agency) had a cut-and-dried case for outlawing any "all White" political party is laughable.

The homosexual ex-NF leader Martin Webster (who has little time for us at FC because of our open policy against homosexuality, its promotion et al) has outlined how the BNP has tried in essence to bamboozle its membership whilst apparently not even attempting to get the advice of a competent legal expert in the field (known as a Counsel's Opinion) without which no reasonable organisation would settle out of court, or cave in to the demands of a Socialist government with a multi-racial agenda (remember that advisers to this government has already admitted that they knowingly let in huge volumes of non-Whites in order to help create an even more multi-culti society, playing politics with our lives, our security, our heritage and our very future).

In short we have the situation where nationalists have to stand back and question those who have tried to make nationalism an anti-Muslim pressure group and are now seeking to implement their long term strategy of creating a multi-culti right-wing "patriotic" party.

The homogenisation of the party political process is almost complete.

All the little pressure valves from the right-wing anti-Muslim party to the left wing global-warming party are in place.

Meanwhile the strides to World Government continue apace with the appointment of a European President.

Welcome to the New World Order! Masons to the fore!


Deacon of the Deez said...

I've tried explaining this to BNP members but it seems Griffin has kicked out all the intelligent people and left the party full full of people who worship him. Islam is a symptom of a greater disease: it's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

tommy williams of covert works as a journalist

Anonymous said...

a multi-cultui party CANNOT be the answer

Anonymous said...

i want a BNP enoch was wrong shirt

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