Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sunday 8th November 2009
Assemble 2.00pm Bressenden Place (Near Victoria Station)
March Off 2.30pm


Anonymous said...

Is that true that our courageous NF'ers when told by the Bill not to display any NF banner they mekely obeyed? and these are the ones who slate the BNP for cowardice for maybe having to obey the Law and change their membership criteria to fit in with a racial quota?

Even the EDL draw more of a reaction from the UAF/Anti-Fa types than these State-controlled muppets!

West London NF said...

ha ha ha! there speaks the pro-Israel, black-member, sikhs-r-great, poof barnbrook luvvin, BNP.

go suck up to the Mason Griffin's arse.

Go cuddle up to 5IMon Darby.


Anonymous said...

Mug, you wanna concern yourself with keeping State from taking over the Front....oh, they have...

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