Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Channel 4's Dispatches on You Tube

Dispatches; Israel's Lobby on You Tube


Anonymous said...

Let's see Nick "I support Israel" griffin turn down that kind of level of bribes eh?

Anonymous said...

This programme was a complete and utter waste of 49 minutes of our lives, it said absolutely NOTHING we don't already know and this was confirmed by the chap himself right at the end where he declares that the found 'no evidence of a conspiracy', so what was the premise for this waste of time?

There are much better programmes which have been broadcast which draws attention on to the power the City yields.

As to the power of the Ashkhenazi? It would be negligble if it weren't for their WHITE stooge money-grabbers.

Anonymous said...

the conservative party is the party of plutocracy. the party of money. it is a natural home for jews and those who support jews. this should come as no surprise.

david cameron has only risen to the position he currently holds because he is of jewish stock. cameron has openly declared himself as a zionist. the conservative party is riddled with jews. some are easy to detect, like oliver letwin. others try to hide their identity but the symptoms seep through. a party that stands for money will be a natural home for jews and those who promote the jewish agenda.

once the next general election is over we will see cameron and obama lauch a war on iran. this is why both men have been built up by the media. the conservative party is supposed to have anything from 17-27% leads in opinion polls, a massively exaggerated and fabricated figure to lull people into accepting and voting for a conservative government.

had gordon brown been warm to the idea of attacking iran he would, like blair, have maintained a healthy lead in the "opinion" polls but brown, like bush realised they couldnt sell another war on the back of afghanistan and iraq. so they had to be replaced with new faces to sell a new war.

the jews control the conservatives, just as they control labour. so whats new under the zionist sun?

West London NF said...

Israel runs our government AND our opposition - and this programme was a "waste of time"???

Our troops get sent to die and lose limbs in Zionist wars... and this programme was a "waste of time"???

Our government abstains on Israeli war crimes while being bank-rolled by shadowy Israelis - and this programme was a "waste of time"???

Why don't you just piss off and join the kosher-bnp?

Anonymous said...

You want to keep your hysterical rantings under control you muppet.

West London NF said...

I'd rather be a muppet than a Zionist race mixing liberal.

Anonymous said...

Who's the 'zionist race mixing liberal' anyone who sees a State-sanctioned 'exposure' of jew influence in British affairs being given publicity as a smokescreen.

Go read a book rather than watch the goggle box.


Anonymous said...

state sponsored? exposing the fact that the government AND opposition are funded/run by Mossad's men.

get a grip man.

Anonymous said...

learn to differentiate between 'State sanctioned' what I wrote, and 'State sponsored' what YOU wrote, totally differnent meaning in any context I am sure you will agree.

Also, you would agree that this programme 'exposed' NOTHING we don't already know, and still neglected to name names.

We also know that those 'who we dare not speak their name' back EVERY horse in EVERY race.

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