Monday, 16 November 2009

Channel 4's Dispatches on the Israeli Lobby

There's a fascinating Dispatches programme on Channel 4 as I type about the sheer POWER and INFLUENCE of the Israeli Lobby in Westminster.

I'll put a link to it when it is posted on U-Tube.

Will any political party DARE to criticise Israel?

It seems not. The money this lobby wield seems to grease too many wheels!

An apt lessons for all nationalists!


Mohammed said...

It's not even on 4OD, it seemed interesting, be sure to post a link up should you find one. Cheers!

Sonny Corso said...

Money is inherently Jewish. It was from the first a step toward Globalism, which is also inherently Jewish---the subjugation of the peoples to the Sanhedrin. Labor and goods are the proper media of exchange, i.e. the barter system. Christendom must return, with its system of monarchies. Otherwise Europe perishes. Viva Cristo Rey. Sonny

Final Conflict said...

Hey Sonny! Great to hear from you. We go back quite a way! Glad to hear you still defending Christendom from the Zionist snakes.

Long Live Dixie!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, money ie. credit notes is the creation of the usurious, yes, bring back the days of swopping my calf for a pint of mead to quench the thirst brought on by carrying my bag of gold!

It is not money which is the problem,but the machinations and worship of capital by the moneyed-class!

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