Sunday, 1 November 2009

So many lies - to advance a One World Masonic Agenda

The EU President is to be merely a chairman of the EU Commission.

That's how it is being sold to us.

Yes. And abortion was brought in for medical emergencies only. Now it's used by those who want to go on skiing holidays.

Hmmm. And "civil partnerships" weren't weddings proper. Now we're told poof y is "married" and poof x has a "husband."

Indeed. And we were persuaded to vote yes (to stay in!) the EEC as a trading bloc, not as a single state with a single currency and a single President!

Of course. And war was essential because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

It all starts to make sense. And millions died to free Poland from an invading neighbour, to allow the mass murdering Communists to enslave them for decades.

Conspiracy to defraud?

Guilty as charged!


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