Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bonfire Night: 1606's Al Qaeda and Masonic Bogeymen

Remember, remember the 5th of November...

In 1605 our very own "7/7" happened long before the advent of the United States, but Freemasonry and its antecedents were very much alive and kicking.

The printing presses of the Zionists (ever keen to spot an opportunity) were pumping out anti-Christian propaganda to be used by one side in an orchestrated civil war of Christendom (in part helping to create the Inquisition myth, the forerunner of the Holohoax).

At home Guy Fawkes and his colleagues, the conspirators of "11/5" (as it would be called today in our sycophantic Americanised way), were as much a creation of the burgeoning 'New World Order' as the much talked-about Al Qaeda today.

Both religious in outlook, both created via justified grievances with the New World Order, both helped in their arming, planning and both used to justify draconian police state measures and to entrench the regimes and bring about a 'fear factor' to make anyone who questioned the regimes, busy overturning centuries of traditions and freedoms, as 'unpatriotic.'

Two key events (organised or started by other forces - accidental and orchestrated) were blamed on these bogeymen of their day: the Great Fire of London (1666) and the Twin Towers (2001) such was/is the hysteria of the day - whipped up by much the same Masonic powers.

In 1605 the regime was no spring chicken, despite having only a few decades of its new Weltanschauung, and realised that the patriotic fervour of 1605 needed corralling.

For the next 250 years Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night celebrations at which various "anti-British" effigies were burnt was an event that was organised by the state. Indeed for those 250 years it was legal prerequisite, by military law, to hold/attend such celebrations in Britain and its territories.

Kind of makes our state-organised 'Welcome Home' events to support the Zionist War in Afghanistan look muted by comparison (and please don't parrot that these are to "support the troops not the war" -- why did the politicians organise them otherwise?).

So 400 years later what have we learnt?

Precious little it would seem. Guy Fawkes and his companions are viewed somewhat romantically by many, but for many more they don't know or care, Bonfire Night being just another event on the calendar to have a beer and a night watching fireworks.

Years from now will Holocaust Day be seen in the same light? Clouded in history, but just another excuse for a special assembly in school and a day-out for local councilors? Another NWO-organised "holiday" to replace the true Holy Days of Christendom that allowed the working man of England (and his kith and kin across Europe) to freely celebrate in what was Merrie England before the New Unhappy Lords held sway?

Michaelmas, Candlemas... will soon be joined by Christmas if the Masonic Overlords and their supermarkets get their way.

In our Brave New World (Order), all will be homogenised to be equal celebrations of diversity, not allowed to impede trade (lest the Financial Times report that a day off 'costs' the country x millions).

Bonfire Night and its Elizabethan Terror, orchestration, dungeon, rack, fire and sword will be forgotten so none of us will be allowed to see the similarities (were we ever?) with today's NWO orchestrated "bogeymen" who we are told threaten democracy (the rule of elected oligarchs, place-men of Masonry).

Bonfire Night will nestle betwixt Duvali, Yom Kippur, Ramadam, Christmas, Holocaust Day, Chinese New Year, Martin Luther King Day and the 57 Variety of multi-culti (trading) days to be respected by a compliant media.

Remember, remember the 5th of November
Government orchestrated plot
For the sake of freedom from the New World Order
This should never be forgot.


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