Friday, 22 January 2010

BNP Promotes Integration of Coloureds

The BNP has opened a new section for coloureds (and whites) who want non-Whites to be 'patriotic Brits' and INTEGRATE!!!

Right: The BNP is reportedly against Islam - yet welcomes with open arms any "Westernised" Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Animists and yes even Muslims!!! Can we please get back to promoting White Nationalism and not some kind of bastardised Israeli anti-Jihadist pressure group politics? Is a veiled Muslim less acceptable than a Muslim in a Man United top?

Nationalists were always AGAINST integration.

When the NF in the 1980s [of which Griffin was a member/leader] worked with coloureds who were in favour of seperation and repatriation some said they were "selling out."

Not so - racial nationalists should be seen to work together to foster good relations and separate the races. Nothing could be more natural.

Now the BNP is asking for blacks who want to be "good Brits" to join up!

It is now high time for those racial nationalists who have been giving the multi-racial BNP the benefit of the doubt -- including those who scorned the NF's separatist stance in the 80s -- to say enough is enough.

No court in the land can force ANY party to give up racial separatism in favour of multi-racial integrationism.

No more excuses.

BNP Site promotes integrationist membership


Anonymous said...

Think it's quite amusing to read all these 'outsiders' opinions regards BNP especially the 'coloured members' issue, one thing stands out, all these who have such an opinion AREN'T themselves a member of the said BNP, perhaps if all these 'fine upstanding White nationalists' were actually members the CRE could acually be faced down but alas....

Anonymous said...

yeah: we should all join a pro-Israel party to try and influence a crooked dictater.


West London NF said...

Remember the golden rule FC. The BNP can comment and spread BS about whomsoever they want.

But when the BNP sell out and betray, we must al stay silent in due reverence for the Almighty Gri££in.

Now sush.

Anonymous said...

It is best for some to keep their mouths shut and appear stupid as to say something will merely rid one of any doubt, anonymous 2 and West London Fanny confirm.

Anonymous said...

wot are you witering on about?

West London NF said...

The BNP claim the page {now disappeared} wasnt official. but ry putting a anti-israel group on their site and see how far you get.

everything on their site is vetted.

they are nothing but shysters and con men.

p.s. i am not New Labour -- so am i allowed to comment on events within NuLab? 1st Anon is talking thru his backside.

Anonymous said...

yadda yadda yadda. so what if the bnp lets in blacks and supports israel. it will achieve more than any of you lot. keep dreaming.

Johnny B said...

why the hell should we join a party that would expel us???

You griffinites make no bloody sense at all!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm going to send Millionaire Nick £20 just so he can expel me. But before he does I won't get a say in altering any pro-Israel policy. Great.

Anonymous said...

"yadda yadda yadda. so what if the bnp lets in blacks and supports israel. it will achieve more than any of you lot. keep dreaming."

achieved what?

making nationalism pro-race mixing.

nothing else.

Anonymous said...

The reason why the BNP is pro Israel is in order to appease the media barons. Have you ever wondered why the Green Party gets ignored by the media. No, it isn't because the Greens are boring or irrelevant. It's because they are critical of Israel and the (print) media is very pro Zionist.

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