Monday, 18 January 2010

Remember Kriss Donald Rally Glasgow, March 15th

Published by the National Front:

On the 15th of March 2004 a young lad named Kriss Donald was abducted, mutilated and murdered by a gang of Asian drug criminals, in Pollockshields Glasgow as the leader of the gang wanted to torture and kill a White victim.
This appalling case was subjected to the campaign of Institutionalised silence (for White victims only) by the UK media and even upon the conviction and imprisonment of the murderers, has still received little media attention.
The contrast is striking between the case of Steven Lawrence, who was murdered in Welling, South London, by person or persons unknown. (It is rumoured that Stephen's involvement in the drugs trade contributed to his death)
The government and media have declared - without evidence, witnesses or convictions, that Stephen Lawrence was murdered by "racists" - they have turned his murder into a "guiltfest" for their white middle class friends.
Kriss Donald’s mum has not been made an OBE - but Stephen Lawrence's dad has!
There will be a memorial rally for Kriss on Sunday 15th of March 2009 - five years since his brutal murder. The National Front will be providing a leading speaker. All Nationalists from whatever party are most welcome NF News has been told by the organisers.
Steven Lawrence was stabbed once by unknown persons.
Kriss Donald was kidnapped in a stolen car, castrated, had his eyeballs cut out, and was stabbed 14 times, he was then doused in petrol and left on a footpath to burn. This was done by a gang of Asian drug dealers, eventually convicted.
We must never forget this young man and the ordeal he suffered as a consequence of immigration.
We must also never forget the way that the media and government tried to keep this brutal racist murder a secret. BE THERE ON THE 15th!


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