Friday, 29 January 2010

Tony Blair Advocates War With Israel!

How fascinating that in today's Iraq Enquiry the war criminal Tony Blair said that when it came to the proliferation of illegal WMDs by nations with a record of murder, attacking neighbours etc. (he meant Iraq) we should 'not take chances.'

Right: Like a Communist commissar, Mr Blair spouts his version of events, convinced that his twisted logic and political spin constitute the truth, despite what most people can see for themselves via dodgy dossiers, withdrawn weapons inspectors and a failed attempt at a UN resolution justifying invasion.

Funnily enough he then went on to warn about Iran, though of course Iran has not committed mass murder against its citizens, nor has it invaded neighbours, nor does it have illegal WMDs.

There is another Mid East country which does fill all those criteria however.

It has attacked its own citizens, it has committed mass murder, it has invaded its neighbours and it does have illegal WMDs in the shape of hidden nukes which it will not allow UN weapons inspectors to... erm... inspect (unlike Saddam funnily enough).

That terror state, that illegal WMD state, that mass murdering state is of course Israel.

So when, Mr Blair, can we expect the UK and USA to take action against Israel?

Weapons inspectors? Trade sanctions? Blockades? Perhaps an invasion?

After all Mr Blair, we shouldn't take any chances: that's your own criteria!

Funnily enough, the war criminal Blair did mention Israel at least once (please understand I watched the proceedings in between working). It was at a meeting held with Bush before thew war and Blair mentioned that they were on the phone to the Israelis a couple of times.


So they are planning an illegal war against one state, on the pretext of non-existent WMDs, whilst conferring with (and propping up!) another state with an atrocious record and which does hold illegal WMDs.

Luckily Mr Blair has since moved on to various lucrative speaking engagements which have made him a millionaire many times over.

Oh... and working to bring peace to the Middle East! if you didn't laugh you'd cry!


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