Friday, 22 January 2010

Daytime TV seeks Lebensraum by Invading Question Time

I don't know about screeching hordes protesting against Nick Griffin's appearance on the BBC's Question Time... where were the hordes protesting against the daytime sofa programme and bubblegum-TV presenter, Richard Madeley?

Was ever a man so under qualified to be on an allegedly serious news discussion programme?

Last night he claimed that everyone thought Saddam had WMDs when the war criminal Blair produced his "sexed-up" dossier.

Not so Mr. Madeley.

A large number of people knew this was spin based on lies.

Evidence had come out even from American intelligence circles that Saddam's weapons programme was a busted flush and that he posed no threat, furthermore that a war would create a recruiting sergeant for "extremists," "jihadists" or whatever you want to call them.

The BBC should hand its head in shame.

Mr Griffin underperformed and squirmed his way through Question Time. But at least he is a politician (albeit the usual private educated lawyer class) with some serious views.

What do the BBC think the likes of Madeley have to offer? It reminds one of Britney Spear's TV statement that we should all support the president, back in the Bush-era.

Of course we need normal folks on these programmes, offering a non-political (or anti-political) message, but please why not intelligent, campaigning, thorns-in-the-side people?

Left, right or indifferent. I would rather listen to 101 David Starkeys, George Galloways, Will Selfs, or even Shami Chakrabarti the civil libertarian (or dare I say even Melanie Phillips - just to see the audience rip her apart when she fawns over Israel!) than any number of daytime TV hosts or pop musicians.

So the next time you see a rent-a-mob screaming for blood just close your eyes for a moment and imagine anti-Madeley slogans on those placards!

Altogether now all you crusties:

"Daytime TV is a Nazi Front - Smash Daytime TV!"


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, how comes there was no outrage from you when Davina Big-Bro' appeared a few years ago? Are we to assume that you respect her political accumen?

Sounds as if you have only 'discovered' QT since the Griffin debacle, there have been many a 'dubious' guest ever since the day...

Final Conflict said...

I am well aware of that' I seem to recall one of the young trendies [really a public school boy] from Blur was particularly weak.

I've watched QT for a long time as my rants against Melanie Phillips on the show ably prove.

Nice try saddo! ;-)

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