Friday, 29 January 2010

Equal Rights Commissars Enforce Stalinist Tyranny


For once the National Front can identify with the trials and tribulations of Nick Griffin in the attack being launched upon him by the Race tyrant Trevor Phillips and his fat, cash rich quango the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The NF is quite aware that such a vile attack on its membership requirements (and even its political policies with the result of this week’s court case against the BNP now known) that the EHRC and the Stalinist Phillips could easily direct their attentions to the Front. We agree totally with the BNP leadership that this is a politically motivated attack, and whatever its faults, the BNP leadership do not deserve it – they have every right to restrict their membership to ethnic British.

What is wrong however is the way the whole thing has been handled. Griffin has treated the whole very serious matter as a side show and in fact, the BNP Leadership have badly mishandled the whole matter. When the very basis of a Nationalist party’s membership criteria is threatened then the NF view is that EVERYTHING must take second place to the battle to preserve our right to decide who does or does not become a member. Membership of the NF is open to men and women of European descent and no others – and come what may the leadership of the NF is going to fight tooth and nail to make sure it stays that way.

The National Front is only about one tenth the size of the BNP and so its resources are more limited, but for 42+ years, the Front have had a policy of being an all White party and the NF WILL put everything to one side if the EHRC directs its attentions to it.

The BNP caved in – Griffin gave undertakings he wasn’t even asked for and has dug a hole which it is now impossible for the BNP to climb out of. Very shortly after its EGM, the BNP will officially be a multi-racial party.

Griffin has rallied his members in only one way – the usual stream of begging emails and letters for donations whose destination the NF fear is dubious to say the least.

What should the BNP have done? They should have fought tooth and nail! They should have had a continuous picket of the EHRC headquarters. They should have door stepped Phillips at all his public appearances. They should have fought in court from the very first minute of the preliminary hearings like a tigress looking after its cubs. Griffin claimed that the court case would bankrupt the BNP. Well firstly we could mention the fury currently going on over the BNP accounts – but putting that aside – what price being financially bankrupt if the outcome is losing the very reason for the party to exist in the first place?

Even worse, we now have a legal precedence with Griffin’s faster than light surrender to Tyrant Phillips which can impact on any current and future Nationalist groups in Britain.

The NF does not have vast financial resources and its manpower is growing but still relatively low compared to the BNP – yet the NF HAS the determination and willpower to FIGHT this shocking and evil attack on the right of a Nationalist party to decide its membership criteria. There are many ways to fight it too – and many arguments which should have been mustered in defence of an all British membership policy which have not even been looked at.

The NF is a party for the White Britons of our Nation. It will stay that way and come what may any attack on our freeborn right as Britons to decide who we wish and do not wish to associate with will be fought to the bitter end – for otherwise the NF itself would cease to exist. There is no other way but total resistance!

From NF News #39, 30th Januray 2010 (Weekly e-mail newsletter of the NF).


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