Sunday, 29 May 2011

7/7 Ripple Effect: Justice Versus Secret State

The stories of 911 and 7/7 are unravelling as fast as the JFK, Dr David Kelly and Osama Bin Laden stories.

This is why the "patriot" movements who try to screech "it's all the muzzies," like the BNP and EDL are (whether they like it or not) part of the con. They are a small ingredient in the Neo Con/Zionist/Israel Lobby recipe.

Right: The BNP & EDL prove that Muslims are taking over America.

Their job was to keep the white working class (still a sizable proportion of the British population) bumbling along, blaming the Muslims for all their ills.

We were dragged into foreign wars. FOCUS ON THE MUSLIMS.
The banks dragged us to the edge of total ruination. FOCUS ON THE MUSLIMS.
The politicians filled their pockets as we were taxed to the hilt. FOCUS ON THE MUSLIMS.

The world is falling apart. The very many woes affecting us (including immigration) are the work of the Masonic-Zionist elite, and that same elite are playing the BNP/EDL (and whoever comes along next) so that we as nationalists never pose a risk to their policies.

The Muslims have been here for 40 odd years, give or take. They have been the government/media enemy for the last 20 odd years, give or take.

Do you, nationalist, really think we had no problems before this time? Do you think our people lived in freedom before this time?

Wake up.

The Muslim issue is just a very small part of a much bigger problem, and the elites behind those problems (the oligarchs, the fat cats, the media moguls, the big businessmen, the politicos etc.) are of the same Masonic-Zionist elite; that is why the family, Christianity, nationalism etc. have been under attack for so long.

Nick Griffin still Twitters incessantly about the Muslims. It is boring. It is futile. It is treacherous.

The Masonic-Zionist elite are pulling the strings. Watch the marionettes dance.

7/7 Ripple Effect VICTORY


Rufus said...

Excellent article. I have reposted it on my blog:

As you say, it isn't the 'muzzies' we have to worry about, its the
Establishment apologists who push Zionism and blame Islam for the
crimes of the State. Oy, chutzpah!

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