Sunday, 8 May 2011

911: The Lesson for All Patriots

I like reading Peter Hitchens column in the Mail on Sunday. He isn't always right, but he's about as close as it gets in the mainstream media. He loathes the Marxist and PC left, but he is equally as angry about the hand-wringing or Big Business right.

In today's column he all but says Osama Bin Laden wasn't behind the Twin Towers. There is only one way we can follow that. That Osama was a patsy - a willing put-up baddie by the CIA/Mossad etc. Or he was willing to take on that mantle to build his org into the No. 1 Muslim terror group (a useful idiot).

Either way he did what the Neo Cons, the NWO, the Zionists wanted.

Remember who the only people in New York celebrating were: the group of Israeli special forces with their rental van, later stopped and arrested after sniffer dogs detecting explosives - and later released quietly by George Dubya.

It all stinks to high heaven.

What else could the Zionists want but a perfect bogeyman to yell "it was us?"

Hitchens gets it wrong when he blames the Palestinians for cheering. After all, the Americans had blocked umpteen UN Resolutions against Israel which resulting in many tens of thousands of Palestinians dying - not to mention those tortured, maimed etc.

The Americans think their 3000 odd victims of 911 is a watershed. Not for the Palestinians it wasn't. They had lost that many people many times over to State sponsored terror, only for the American government to block any UN Resolutions. They also are not blind to the fact that much of the weaponry was bought with US tax-payers funds, poured into Israel.

Reverse those facts and don't you think the Americans would cheer a strike on Palestine? They sure cheered when the CIA bogeyman was (allegedly!) taken-out...

Our problem in the West is thinking that "our" victims of terror (even if we accept the terror is Islamic and not Zionist) are worth more to us, than the dead Arabs slaughtered by Zionist terror mean to the Arabs.

If our people were murdered, tortured, expelled, imprisoned in concentration camps, denied water etc. as much as the Palestinians do you not think we would rise up against our oppressors?

When we hear of Churchill's "stay behind" Resistance Fighters in secret hide-outs, armed to take out German invaders; even after a surrender -making such Resistance illegal under the Geneva Convention: would most people consider such people terrorists? Or freedom fighters?

So how do you think most Arabs look on those who struggle against a Zionist machine that has murdered hundreds of thousands, with the financial, material and political backing of America, the last Super-power?

Hitchens thinks 911 can be traced back to Palestine in that the Muslim perpetrators urged the end of injustice to the Palestinians. I think it can indeed be traced back to Palestine -- because prior to 911 Bush had said he wanted to be less involved in foreign wars (can you imagine?) and the Middle East. He was all but saying he was going to cut Israel loose.

Join the dots folks:

  • Bush wants to 'pull out' of the Mid East.
  • 911 Happens.
  • Zionist Special Forces in NY witnessed celebrating.
  • Osama (CIA) Says "It was us Muslims"
  • Neo Cons step up pressure.
  • Zionist Wars ensue.
  • Various anti-Israeli opponents are taken out.
  • "War on Terror" follows Zionist agenda.

So in short, America went from being a State that would no longer prop up Israel to the extent it had, would try to sort out its internal policies, problems etc. and not act as the world's policeman, to being at the head of Zionist policy in the Middle East and the Arab world.

Always ask: who benefits. Cui Bono?

By any stretch of the imagination the Twin Towers outrage benefits Israel, Israeli policy, the Zionist Lobby in the USA and the Neo Cons agenda overseas.

Right: Another dead Palestinian. Killed by US-backed Israel.

With the facts coming out about 911, the facts coming out about Osama, and the way world policy shifted afterwards, it is an idiot who says "911 was the Muslims."

Think about it. After 911 even the BNP grew in popularity (and media exposure!) after becoming the Anti-Muslim party. Now their usefulness is past, they are being disrupted (who is to blame you can work out for yourself). Some people made money, played the "it's all the Muslims" card and now nationalism has been wrecked (again).

Every part of the 'War on Terror' campaign was planned down to the minutest detail. It may not have all gone to plan, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

People like Hitchens are off kilter, primarily because they are too afraid to add 2 + 2. It would upset too many people. He would lose his job. He would be labeled an anti-Semite (the killer blow).

That is how the media works. And who runs the media? A handful of oligarchs who follow the Zionist line.

Democracy? Chose your poison.


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