Tuesday, 31 May 2011

David Aaronovitch, Stuxnet, Twitter, Israel, Fukushima and German Nuclear Power Stations


Right: Japan is in the "less infected" shade of green in late 2010. Yet Stuxnet knocked out the coolant system which resulted in the Fukushima meltdown. Will Israel pay reparations?

FC Tweeted David Aaronovitch the Left-Wing Neo Con war apologist (can it get any more convoluted?), after he posted a tweet about Germany deciding to shut down its nuclear reactors:

FC to Aaronovitch:
Tell your Tweeters that Germany's nuclear shutdown is because of Israel's stuxnet virus attack on Siemens coolant systems.

Aaronovitch to FC:
You'll have to source that one, final.

FC to Aaronovitch:
Your handler should know. The virus is well documented as is its source and what it attacks. Ask the japanese

FC to Aaronovitch:
Stuxnet made by nation-state to target Iran, infects Siemens (Iran, Japan, germany)

FC reply to Aaronovitch tweet about German Nuclear power not harming anyone:
But ask the Japanese how many have been harmed by Nuke meltdown caused by Israel's attacking coolant systems.

FC to FC's followers:
Haaretz reported that a video celebrating operational successes of Gabi Ashkenazi, retiring IDF boss ... included ref to

Mr. Aaronovitch has yet to inform his readers of the Stuxnet link in the decision of Germany to shut down their power stations, to avoid Fukushima-style disaster -- or of the State behind the Stuxnet virus.

What a suprise! (NOT).

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Final Conflict said...

Still no response from the doughty defender of the truth! NOT

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