Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden - George Orwell Anyone?

We are being used like extras in a George Orwell novel.

Just as the holohoax had its roots in the murder of Christ 2000 years ago, so the current media output has its roots in the '911' false flag operation in 2001. ("It wasn't us guv - it was the Romans," becomes "it wasn't us guv - it was the Muslims").

Right: How fitting. A net image shows Osama beheaded and held high by the Masonic symbol, the statue of liberty.

The "Western" public (you and me!) are being played like marionettes.

Oh yes, sure Bin Laden was the no. 1 enemy of the USA, yes his operation brought down the Twin Towers, yes he has dodged the USA for 10 years, yes they killed him and buried him at sea!

Where does the truth lie? I'm sure the story is already unravelling - but do not believe the hype in the meantime.

State sponsored terrorism continues to be the mainstay of the USA and UK. God alone knows who are their real enemies, who are smokescreens and where all this will end.

Not much is as it seems.


Andy said...

Osama was CIA

Craig said...

A child could see through the official story.

They spend ten years and billions of dollars to find one man in a luxury compound near a major city of an allied state. They let hundreds of thousands die and massive debts mount up, as well as erode old freedoms, by using him as a boogeyman. Then they suddenly kill him without an attempt at capture, and quickly dump his body at sea so no autopsy can be done.

Cover your nose because there are a lot of bull droppings around.

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