Friday, 20 May 2011

Hail Paolo Di Canio! Hail Swindon Town

Hurrah for Swindon Town for having the bravery and cajones to sign Fascisti Paolo Di Canio as their new manager.

The usual whingers have screeched about it being an outrage (communist, American capitalists, Korean, homosexual and other manager/owners all seem acceptable!).

Unlike the Hitlerian events at the Cannes Film Festival, this is not a stunt.

All fascists to Swindon! Avanti!


Nationalist from Scotland said...

Apparently a lefty trade union has cancelled its ties with Swindon as a result of this appointment although I have yet to see firm confirmation of this.

The club has quite a good merchandising bit on its website and while I would not normally dream of endorsing a club's commericial side owing to the gross exploitation of fans that many clubs indulge in, wouldn't it be a blast to have nationalists up and down the land wearing Swindon clothing? An upturn in sales would also send a subtle message to the club that Di Canio's arrival at the club is popular with many. Heck, I will even try and forget that he played for Celtic!

Anonymous said...

Come to Swindon and we'll kick you all the round the carpark, you fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh. The voice of the poofs. All "hard men" online. They spend too much time licking carpark floors.

Swindon Fascisti said...

Probably not even from Swindon! Fag.

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