Sunday, 15 April 2007

The Real Crusade!

Today's Sunday Telegraph has a story about Muslims on the front page. Tellingly, the piece says that Muslims wish to keep the right for their women to wear the veil which is a 'barrier to integration.'

Just so!

Do we want integration? Do we want umpteen shades of coloured immigrants (whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh) to integrate?

Colonel Blimp-style Tories might... raving lefties might... Racial Nationalists shouldn't!

I say bravo to the veil! Let us keep separate. Let us keep national and racial identities. As it says in FC mag #38 we don't want these people wandering around in Man Utd tops and jeans... better for all that they stay amongst their own, dressed as their own -- all the easier to segregate and then resettle the millions of unwanted newcomers.

Meanwhile as the media tied itself in knots over Prince William ditching his girlfriend, more British servicemen died in Iraq and Afghanistan in wars for Israel and the Neo-Cons...

And Wolfowitz, the archetypal Neo Con, who was farmed off (as his reward) to the top job in the World Bank (the very centre of usury-banking!) was caught - as all these people eventually are, with his hand in the till. This time it was trying to squeeze an extra £60,000 a year for his "girl"friend (Libyan-born but surely a heeb?) Shaha Riza. These people have brought the middle east to its knees in their service to Israel, and still they want more and more wonga. Their lust for financial gain is as insatiable as their lust for war.

All this whilst news come through (in light of the popular move by Iran to release 15 captives) that America is refusing to release 5 Iranians grabbed by America in Iraq. How magnanimous of the Americans... how very Talmudic!

And so we see the over-riding flavour of the Zionist "West":

1. Seek to integrate and moderate Muslims to undermine the racial and (real) Christian nature of Europe.
2. Deaths of servicemen in Neo-Con/Zionist wars are secondary news - who cares about a few more dead goyim?
3. The Neo-Cons are filling their boots, whether its Halliburton getting all the plum jobs in Iraq or whether its Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank (and get ready for Blair's money-making lecture tour of the USA when he eventually leaves the PM's job).
4. The Neo-Con mistreatment of prisoners continues (remember the Iranian recently released who said he was tortured by the CIA - it was main news on Al Jazeera's English-language news* channel that day, it didn't even register on the BBC!) .

There is a Clash of Civilisations. It is a clash for the future and ethos of (ethno-) European nations and culture.

The Muslims are interlopers on this stage. They were invited in by the real rulers. They are the bogeymen we must all learn to fear, to make us take our eyes off the real endgame.

The struggle is between the indigenous White, Christian people/culture/civilisation/values and the Judeo-Freemasonic people/culture/civilisation/values (all of which are anti-cultures, anti-values etc.)

This is a struggle that has gone on for 2000 years, and which saw rabbis create Islam to stop the spread of Christianity, which saw Jews in nations such as Spain help the Muslims against Christendom (and the victory of Spain and the Christians has never been forgiven - remember Isabella expelled the Muslims AND the Jews).

It's a struggle that has seen the rise of the Illuminati, the French (Masonic) Revolution, the Protocols of Zion, the Russian (Jewish/Bolshevik) Revolution, the Zionist terror and the establishment of Israel... and so much more!

The Illuminati, Zionists, the Freemasons, the Bilderbergers, the Neo-Cons... call these people what you will...

This struggle is ongoing. These people have used subterfuge, smoke and mirrors, cheap conjurers tricks, flag-waving false patriotism, fifth columnists, freedom movements, excessively repressive regimes and more for centuries.

Do not be conned. (Or indeed Neo-Conned!).

See past the smoke and mirrors. See past the bogeymen! See the real enemy, as well as the pawns they use and the enemies they create.

Some Neo-Cons and some Kosherised fools use the language of the Crusades.

Do not forget that the Crusaders - chivalrous knights keenly aware of their history, their faith and their enemies - led Crusades against the Jews in Europe on their way through to establish, protect or win back the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The Crusaders would not have countenanced obeying the instructions of the Neo-Cons. Indeed, were the Crusaders here today, their first task would be to free the Palestinian Christians and Jerusalem from the shackles of the Zionist State!

Would the Crusaders stand by amidst news reports of Israelis machine-gunning statues of the Mother of Christ?

Would the Crusaders stand by as Christians are shot, tortured, imprisoned, exiled, buried alive and more by the brutal, illegal and bastard State of Israel and its murderous army?

Wake up Nationalist. See the enemy for what it is. Only then can victory be possible, because beheading the bogeymen set-up by the Judeo-Masons will not deliver us from the grip of these con-men and their Zionist, usury-banking, Capitalist, multi-racial hell-on-earth.


* Al-Jazeera's English news channel is just a few channels up from BBC News 24 on the Sky TV Channels. It is always worth checking out, especially for news on Israel, the Palestinians, Iraq, Afghanistan and related matters.

For in-depth analysis showing how the Neo Cons fooled nations and people into the (second) Iraq War get the Neo-Conned volumes, available at FC's online shop:


Nikola said...

Great article, but its news to me that rabbis created Islam. I'd be interested to read more about this if you have any internet or other links?

Final Conflict said...

There is a booklet entitled ISLAM (it had a sub-title which escapes me now) published circa 1997/98 by a UK-based Charity called the St. George Educational Trust. It gave the evidence for Islam being created by a rabbi to create a 'buffer zone' to stop the Eastward spread of Christianity - as many Jews had fled eastwards (I'm not sure if this was pre- or post- the conversion of the Khazar people to Judaism... just before I think. It's a while since I read the booklet.
The claims aren't without precedent. There is (or was - he was old a few years back!) a French monk who belonged to a very conservative (in religious terms) order who had published various in-depth studies (very in-depth!) into religious events, history etc. (inc for example the scientific evidence to the Turin Shroud) . I believe he was the one who first unearthed the evidence about the creation of Islam.
Another theory I read recently was that Islam was a Christian heresy, being hardline and throwing off the role of the priesthood...
One thing is for sure. Islamm came about AFTER Christianity - and Islam takes a heretical line on Christ and his mother, however [unlike Judaism] it still respects both of them. Judaism has an absolute hatred of both which it paints as a bastard and a whore respectively.
Lee Barnes, Melanie Phillips, Ann Leslie, Alan Goodacre and fellow-travellers won't tell you that!
Any clarification on the Islam as a creation of a rabbi would be appreciated.

Nikola said...

I see. Well I'll try and get hold of the book some time. I'm quite familiar with Islamic theology and I know that a lot Mohammeds teachings were taken from Christianity. But I'm not clear on where the Jewish role would fit in. It certainly sounds plausible that they helped the spread of it initially, but if they invented it then they would have had to have exerted influence on Mohammed himself I suppose.

Final Conflict said...

Well, the idea was that Islam would be a new religion, with a warrior instinct. As Christianity was gaining converts to the East of Palestine (Churches/monks in Syria etc.) the obvious thing to do would be twist Christianity.

If you think about it is exactly what "they" are doing today with the Neo-Con agenda.

They take sane politics, and Christianity, keep (say) 70% of it, but twist it sufficiently enough so that, in reality and on the most important issues, this new faith (Judeo-Christianity) has become the exact opposite of what Christianity was.

"Those people" aren't stupid and know what to do...

It's amusing because if they did (help) create Islam, as they certainly acted as a fifth column in Spain and other nations when Europe was being invaded, the thing they backed has turned and bit them!

Yet - in a bizarre way - they are still promoting Islam. Certainly they need it as THE bogeyman, to get more of us dumb goyim to support the Neo-Con agenda, Israeli policy etc...

The booklet on Islam I referred to claims that Mohammed did not exist, I can't recall if he was a composite character, or the reasoning behind it (i read it many years ago)- but it was a compelling booklet and certainly raised many doubts about why islam came into existance when it did!

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