Thursday, 4 September 2008

Zionist Numbskulls Infest Stormfront

It seems the Neo Con BNPers are taking offense at our link to

They have been huffing and puffing like latter day Colonel Blimps on Stormfront that we are all "Muslim lovers."

This kind of mind-numbingly puerile Sun editorialising should be beneath Nationalists - but then we are dealing with people who have been spoon fed the BNP's "Most Zionist Party" line for years.

There is a link to the first numbskull to draw attention to our link at the bottom of this post. Here is an FC response on Stormfront to an NF member that hit back by drawing attention to all the Zionist and pro-Israel links on the blogs of BNP officials:


Because those people are hypocrites who give explicit or implicit support to the Terrorist Bandit State of Israel! Furthermore many of them are bankrolled or supported by Israeli interests.

The New-BNP is Neo-Con in all but name.

remember a Jewish source said that the BNP was the "Most Zionist Party" in the London Mayoral elections?

We link to a pro-Palestinian site because we are PRO-PALESTINIAN.

Nationalism always was, and nationalism always will be anti-Zionist. If you are anti-Zionist ipso facto you are pro-Palestinian.

You might moan about Islam [btw we support the Palestinian Christians - morally and through trade] and Muslims but answer me this: How can any Arabs in Palestine be a "threat" to the UK.

Would you rather Arabs in their homelands or here?

And before you say the same for Jews - Israel isn't their homeland. Read the Thirteenth Tribe. They have Kahazaria, they have a Jewish State in Eastern Russia... and they have New York!

Supporting Palestine is a moral imperative for any nationalist.

Not to support Palestine is the sign that you are being brainwashed by a Neo-Con agenda.

If you don't like what we do then go visit all the Jewish, Talmudic and Zionist sites that the various Neo-Con BNPers and their fellow-travelers link to.

A Palestinian in Palestine is fighting the same enemy that's dragging our country to its knees: the same force that runs Hollywood, the banking system, Big Business etc. etc.

Are you fighting it too? or defending it?

Therein lies the problem: if you don't know your enemy - how can you possibly oppose it?


"amy bnp" posts on Stormfront


behind blue eyes said...

The very same Arabs we stabbed in the back after them helping us to fight against the Turks in WWI.

Arnold Leese said in his book Devilry In The Holy Land
'There always used to be mutual respect between Briton and Muslim, and if there is one thing the Muslim admires, it is justice. We shall lose nothing to prestige if we admit to the Muslim world that under Democracy, Britain has been the prey of the Jew, and has been entrapped into using her power to enforce Jewish injustice upon the Arabs of Palestine. Unless we admit the error, and repair it to the full, the Muslims of the world will look elsewhere for justice. Let us be big enough to do it.'

It's not the Arabs who control international finance it's the Jews.

It's not the Arabs who control Hollywood it's the Jews.

It's not the Arabs who were responsible for WWI and WWII it's the Jews.

It's not the Arabs who dominate the poronography industry it's the Jews.

It's not the Arabs who dominate the mass media in America and Europe it's the Jews.

It's not the Arabs who promote feminism, homosexuality, promiscuity, multiculturalism and liberalism etc. it's the Jews.

It's not the Arabs who have enslaved us in debt bondage it's the Jews.

The list could go on and on. Remember the words of the Zionist Theodor Herzl:-
'The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.'
The Zionists are not daft and have numerous disinformation agents running wild on the Internet - Noam Chomsky and Alex Jones being two of them - as well as setting up scores of Internet sites promotimg Nazism, White Supremacism and Nationalism. Eric Hufschmid has an excellent expose of this deception at:-

A document released in the 1970s entitled The Deguello Report states that the Nationalist/Patriot movement in America has been infiltrated by Jews and homosexuals.

With regard to the Palestinians I am 100% behind them in their struggle against their Zionist Marxist mass murdering oppressors.

Support for Israel and/or Freemasonry has no part in genuine Nationalism!!!

These uninformed jokers and Zionist stooges have obviously never heard of and/or read anything by Jack Bernstein, Myron Fagan, Henry Klein, Israel Shamir, Israel Shahak and Ben Freedman etc.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Keep up the good work lads !

Rufus said...

Stormfront is an irrelevance. No-one should visit it. Let the red infiltrators, state assets and juvenile false nationalists play on their own. Don't give them the opportunity to spread their poison.

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