Tuesday, 2 September 2008

BNP Mouthpiece Purging the Droid Calls for Non White Members

On Stormfront the FC supporter (thanks!) and SF user 'Tactics' has exposed the BNP's official Stormfront mouthpiece "Purging the Droid" as agitating for non-White members of the BNP.

Right: Potential BNP supporter?

Once upon a time people thought that Purging the Truth was either Tony "will you kill a government minister for me" Lecomber or Patrick "vote for this coloured gent and not the BNP" Harrington.

The folks over at North West Nationalists blog stated recently that Purging the Haemorrhoids was actually ex-NF activist Phil Andrews - someone who is involved in anti-racism, multi-culti community politics and, so folks say, is married/involved with a non-White.

We don't know for sure if Purging the Racialists is/was Phil Andrews. Some also thought it was Nick Griffin himself under an invented persona, but that's quite unlikely.

Whoever Purging the Facts was/is, the fact remains that someone very close to the BNP leader, someone who enjoyed 'purging' BNP members who opposed Griffin and/or the Griffin-line on Stormfront, and someone who posted BNP policy on Stormfront has been outed as a convinced multi-culti race-mixing loon.

Smell that?

It's coffee.
Time for some people to wake up and smell it too!

Stormfront forum Griffin thread Page 90


Anonymous said...

Gri££in's inner circle have pitched their tents on SF and not one has the guts to use their real name.

They probably think of it in terms of "plausible deniability" , I call it "plausible cowardice".

Anonymous said...

Phil Andrews has got a white wife who he claims is a Buddhist in some of his election material he sends out. He is more or less running Hounslow Council now in alliance with the Tory majority. Dont think he would have time to spend on the net like TL would.

Purging the Cyclops said...

"Purging the Droid" was/is an obnoxious s.o.b. always acting as if he was the official spokesman of the BNP. eg. demanding peoples' membership numbers when they made statements as BNP members.

The fact that he was caught out agitating for non-white members speaks volumes.

The Zionist volte-face by the BNP is gob-smackingly awful.

And if they will do that for money, they will do ANYTHING.

Time for nationalists to realise that the BNP is no longer nationalist.

It is a Zionist liberal cash-cow for the Gri££in family and a handful of hangers-on.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

As usual I just get the 'sorry you don't have permission to view this thread' bollox.

If the security services have unfettered access to every facet of SF why can't I view any of it?..

Still I don't suppose I am missing anything I'm not already aware of..

Pip pip

free the dulwich 72 said...

you're better off out of it. Zionists, multi-racists and Griffinite nazi trolls.

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