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Creepy Plotters Threaten Our Freedoms: Not "Al Qaeda"


Read the following article by Peter Hitchens (see link below).

He has hit the nail pretty much on the head.

Right: How quickly we forget. Israel was born out of terror, founded by terrorists, built on ethnic cleansing, and has engaged in terror, spying on its "allies," invading its neighbours, torturing Arabs in its boarders, expelling the indigenous people, built illegal nuclear weapons, etc. etc.

Let's get some caveats out of the way:

  1. By all means oppose anti-Christian religions (be it Judaism, Islam, Hinduism etc.)
  2. By all means oppose the presence of coloured communities (be they Asian, African, Oriental etc.)



Right, now onto the crux of the matter.

Al Qaeda does not exist. It is a "bogey man" used to promote the Neo Cons, their political, military and social agenda.

Al Qaeda does not exist. The secret services and their agent provocateurs and a handful of "copy cat" hot-heads are carrying out false flag operations (e.g. 911) or grabbing tiny little "plots" and (pardon the pun) blowing them out of all proportion.

Al Qaeda does not exist. Those who promote it and keep railing against the "bogey man" have their own Neo Con agenda, or want to line their pockets by staying on the Neo Cons' coat-tails.

Hitchens is right. The "creepy plotters" -- be they the spooks, the politicians, the bankers, the industrialists, the Freemasons, the Neo Cons: albeit an ever-changing admixture of all of them -- these are the real threats to our freedoms.

It is those people who have, over centuries and decades, undermined Christianity, have brought in repressive laws, have ushered in millions of non-European immigrants, have killed millions of our people in needless wars.

And they continue with their anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-national agenda.

Al Qaeda does not exist.

But plots to destroy our Christian, European, civilisation do exist.

The spooks, politicians, bankers, industrialists, Freemasons and Neo Cons are destroying us, our communities and our nations.

They have done more to kill our people via abortion and needless wars; they have done more to wreck our lives via drugs and usury; they have done more to wreck Christianity and the family via their policies and "entertainment"/media; they have done more to wreck our communities and nations via mass immigration and drugs; they have done more to destroy our ancient freedoms via their needless laws and restrictions; in short they have done more against us all and everything we hold dear than any "Al Qaeda" bogeymen.

Still, in politics it is so often easier to echo Sun editorials than it is to outline serious debate and to dissect the facts of politics, history and social affairs.

Only recently this blog was itself attacked by the Neo Con (element in the) BNP for linking to the "I Love Palestine" website, as if supporting the Palestinian people (including the Christians) against the illegal actions of the Zionist bandit state (the historic stance of Nationalism ever since the Balfour Declaration) was wrong!

To them this became outright support for "Al Qaeda" -- and that is what happens when you publish Sun editorials as headlines and policy: you get Sun readers' mentality amongst your membership.

Back in the 80s some criticised the publication of the NF magazine Bulldog. They said by pandering to the lowest common denominator (in a Sun style) it attracted the lowest common denominator to the NF and the mentality of football hooligans became the worldview of the NF to many/some of its membership and the media reporting on the NF (even if the NF leadership was trying to carve out new ideas and policies).

Left: America bankrolls the bankrupt Terrorist State of Israel; America blocks UN Resolutions against Israel; America goes to war against any State that poses a threat to Israel. Is anyone spotting the pattern here?

Now with so many BNPers mirroring Sun editorials viz "Al Qaeda" they are creating a "most Zionist party" in which the Neo Con mentality and Israel First outlook becomes as prevalent amongst the membership, the supporters and media reports of the BNP as to change the BNP into a Neo Con Israeli party in all but name.

At least in the 80s the NF leadership was carving out ideals and creating a militant activist base via Distributism, anti-Zionism, armed neutrality etc. Nowadays it seems that the BNP leadership is content to partake in the language and policies of the Neo Cons as fellow-travellers.

No doubt we at FC and people like Peter Hitchens will be denounced as "Muzzie lovers" (regardless of the caveats posted above) because that is the way that Sun readers (and journalists) deal with people who aren't mono-syllabic in their language or worldview or who actually deal with geo-political events, socio-economics and history.

We'll just have to learn to take the brick bats and ridiculous smears from those who wish to ape the Neo Cons (and/or those in their pay!).

That's the price for standing up for the Truth and opposing the Neo Cons and their false wars, false religion, false economics and false politics.

I was reading recently about an American religious journal. It was approached by Neo Cons and offered large sums of money (basically securing its future and making life comfortable for the owner/editor).

To his credit, the owner/editor refused, and so has to struggle on gleaning readers, subscribers and distributors where he can - whilst the Christian journals that toe the Neo Con line have largesse heaped upon them.

This is the sad state of play in the world today. Christian journals and organisations, charities and personalities will get bank-rolled if they push the Neo Con agenda; this is how the Israeli lobby has controlled American politics, churches, media for years getting Christians to -- perversely -- support a Bandit Terrorist State and its (Pharisaic) religion that believe Christ to be in Hell and Christians to be little better than cattle.

Might we assume that the Neo Cons are buying the loyalty of religious magazines, political parties, non government organisations (NGOs, charities etc.) in the same way in Britain as in America?

Obviously Peter Hitchens hasn't been bought-up (yet?). Let's hope he and the other poor sods "crying in the wilderness" reach enough hardened hearts to make a difference: though given the media outpouring this week over yet another "Al Qaeda" plot, it seems The Sun style of politics is holding sway amongst too many of our people.

The bankers who have ruined lives and families via their greed; the politicians who have wrecked our country; the industrialists who have demanded open borders to keep wages costs down; the media-men who have deliberately undermined the family and Christianity; the Masons in their temples who control all the above -- all of them must be toasting their success.

As each false flag op unfolds so they think their politics, their wars help to mask the social, political and economic mess they have caused.

They. Have. Caused.

Not "Al Qaeda" - the CIA/Mossad bogey man.

As Hitchens might say, the 'Creepy Plotters' seem to be winning... but it's always darkest before the dawn.

All I hope is that when the dawn finally breaks, those who took the Plotters' Shilling and those who published their Israel First and Neo Con diatribes are held up to public ridicule.

We can only live in hope.

Creepy Plotters to be Scared of


behind blue eyes said...

Perpetual war for perpetual revolution is the agenda. The Zionist controlled press and media have done a fantastic job in stirring up the image of the Islamic terrorist bogeyman - that ugly rug munching bint Melanie Phillips being a classic example. Scare the public enough times and they will give up their civil liberties and freedoms in order to stay 'safe' from the ever present terrorist threat.

The 'war on terror' is just another diabolical hoax to be used to justify the ever encroaching Orwellian (All Seeing Eye) surveillance state in Britain. Its also used as a smokescreen for Israeli genocide and territorial expansionism, as well as the control of oil and the flow of Opium from Afghanistan. This hoax has been justified and maintained as a result of numerous Israeli false flag attacks, ridiculous Bin Laden tapes, people resurrected who have been reported as being dead a couple of times, Mossad operatives posing as Moslem terrorists, supposed Jihadi websites being traced back to servers in the US and Israeli death squads operating with impunity in Iraq.

The Jewish Talmudic adherents want to wipe out the White race and Christianity from the face of the planet. As a result of two World Wars, the Bolshevik revolution and child murder (abortion), multiculturalism and race-mixing etc. millions upon millions of White Christians have been murdered and as result of these factors the White population of the world has shrunk from 33% in 1914 to 9% at the present. However, their racist twisted dogma has seen them target every other colour and creed in the world. AIDS has spread like wildfire through Africa due to the fact that the millions of polio vaccines they gave out in the 1970s wre laced with the virus. They are also holding large parts of the Third World to ransom through their World Bank and IMF loansharking operations.

Its deeply worring FC when I visit so called Nationalist sites and blogs that support Israel and its actions.

Wake up and smell the bagel people. Every major political party in this country including sadly the BNP is riding on the 'Zion Train'.

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