Sunday, 7 September 2008

Big Business Before Pensioners - Thanks Gordon Brown!

While the rains lash down and the weather worsens just imagine the Gas and Electric company bosses sitting around their heated pools (presumably somewhere overseas!) toasting our good health as we pay their inflated prices.

This week we saw where the politicians put their loyalties. Not with the people. Not with the poor. Not with pensioners. But with the company bosses who take MILLIONS in wages, bonuses and stock options.

Oh yes dear reader whilst teachers, coppers, nurses et al are urged to accept below inflation wage rises (in effect pay cuts) whilst the "credit crunch" bites, these fat cats get carte blanche to put their prices up and fleece us out of more money, money so many of us can ill afford as petrol and food prices rocket and wages stagnate.

The Capitalists say that markets will right themselves, the government shouldn't intervene to enforce price capping or a windfall tax. "Communism" they screech as they foam at the mouth.

Isn't it strange how it seems permissible for governments to intervene when the Capitalists, Big Businessmen etc. are in danger - witness the BILLIONS poured into Northern Rock, or the US Tax-Payers TRILLIONS poured into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The fat cats and usurers don't seem to screech "communism" then - when the system bails out their greedy, usurious, rip-off, money-grubbing ways.

It's only when the people ask their government - allegedly their representatives - to intercede on their behalf to rein in a little of the vast profits being grabbed by greedy utility companies that Capitalists start to screech about "Communism."

Oh no dear reader.

"Our" government isn't their to help us. It is there to bail out its big business, banking friends whenever they get in trouble!

It's like when the government says "our" security is No. 1 priority, whenever it brings out its "Al Qaeda" bogeyman. This is an absolute lie.

If our security was a priority they would take the muggers off the streets and stamp out (primarily drug-related) burglary and car theft.

"Security" only matters when it helps Israel, or means BILLIONS given to the spooks or to big businesses for useless ID card schemes.

Any idea that our government, our leaders, our politicians give two figs about us is an absolute farce!

Whether we face wage cuts, a freezing winter or crime on the streets: the politicians DO NOT CARE!

In the 40s we were promised a "land fit for heroes."

Just how long do we have to wait?


behind blue eyes said...

The essential industries - Gas, Electricity and Water - ceased being governmnet concerns in the mid 1980s when Thatcher was Prime Thatcher. They were sold off to private Capitalist concerns whose only motive for operating is to make as much money as possible, profit maximisation.

N.M Rothschild & Sons advised the British government on the privatisation of British Gas. They subsequently advise the British government on virtually all of their privatisations of state controlled assets including British Steel, British Coal; all the British regional electricity boards; and all the British regional water boards. They will go on to make several billion pounds from this "advice". A British MP involved in privatisations is future Chancellor of the Excheque, Norman Lamont, a former Rothschild banker. Recently the government agreed to bail out a private bank - Northern Rock - with billions of pounds of taxpayers money. Talk about Capitalise The Profits and Socialise The Losses. Lo and behold N. M. Rothschilds and Sons. were chosen again to oversee this heinous misuse of taxpayers money.

It just gets worse. The government is intent on spending billions of pounds of our money, yet again, on a ridiculous - but necessary for the continuation of the Orwellian surveillance state(All Seeing Eye) - National ID scheme which nobody wants. Now they are using even more of our money to hire another Jewish firm - M&C Saatchi - to market this unwanted scheme to the public. Full story at:-

Call me economically challenged but the price of crude oil is 25% cheaper than it was three months ago and yet the average person's gas and electricity bill has gone up by 25% each during this time period.

The average person is getting hammered by Big Business Capitalism and Big Brother Government Socialism at the same time. The aim of the Socialists is to bleed us dry so we have to rely on the Socialist state for everything.

Unfortunatley, Britain has always been an animal centric country rather than a people centric one. No Royal - in the title - for the most vulnerable citizens in society viz a viz children and pensioners. Pensioners to the evil Judeo Masonic cabal are classed as worthless useless resource using creatures who need to be culled. We can see this in operation already with the number of pensioners who unfortunately die each winter from hypothermia and malnutrition etc. combined with the deliberate euthanasia policy applied to pensioners when they are in hospital - bugs, malnutrition and all round bad treatment etc.

More like a land fit for Asylum Seekers, Illegal Immigrants, Liars and Swindlers!

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