Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sarah Palin: Fresh Face, New Ideas? Fat Chance!

Our regular contributor 'Behind Blue Eyes' made a witty response to a recent post on this blog - see link below - in which he took a rather gnarled view and cynical swipe at the world of politics.

Oh really BBE! Where is your trust and toleration? ;-)

Right: Sarah Palin spots Ranting Ron at the back of a crowd and gives him a sneaky salute!

But this got me to thinking (a slow process you can imagine, but the just as the wheels of justice turn slowly, so the cogs and mechanisms of cogitation turn as lazily as a masticating herbivore here at Bungalow Belloc). Yes, masticating: for all you tittering schoolboys. And if you don't know what a herbivore is - do a Google on Joan Bakewell.

The other evening as I pottered about, finishing off some bits n pieces, I had news 24 on the old pc listening to the latest rumifications from America (like ramifications but distinctly Neo Con after our "mate" and war criminal Donny).

Lo and behold a talking head came on to give his interpretation of Sarah Palin's speech to the Republicans' gathering (swine at a trough or flies around... well you get the idea).

Oh she was a 'fresh face' with 'new ideas' or was she a 'new broom' that would inevitably 'sweep clean'? Or perhaps she was a 'new kid on the block' to shock all the 'old fogies in DC.'

The conversation was so formulaic and ridiculous I listened half-heartedly at the clichés pouring forth from my pc's speakers.

Then - because I hadn't watched the interview and so missed the captions - at the end of the interview I picked up that this chap with his briefcase full of clichés was none other than an operative from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

His name was Michael Gersch, or Gersh or similar.

So what's my point?

Well, dear patient reader, if a media talking head (representative if you will) from the accursed, Neo Con, New World Order (can I add Masonic and Satanic - you bet your donkey I can! Sorry, that should be ass... I'm no good with these Americanisms), is prepared to back Sarah Palin and heap praise on her as some kind of effervescent remedial pill that will cure DC (District of Cesspool) of its many ailments, then we can be sure of one thing if nothing else.

If she hasn't been bought and sold, she soon will be - and the "fresh face" will fit snugly into all the existing Neo Con, Israel First, Big Business patterns that dominate the White House.

You don't think the CFR has any influence? You don't think it is a Masonic outfit with Zionist policies?

Shame on you!

Look at this picture below and read the caption within it.

And ask the next Neo-Con, Israel apologist, Zionist "fellow traveller" you bump into this:

Who is running the world's "only superpower" and who is sending off our troops to die in needless wars, and who is responsible for the "credit crunch" that is sending families to the wall (losing jobs and homes).

Hint: It ain't "the muzzies."

Obama or Clinton


Mick the Carpet Layer said...

Reminds me of that Masonic picture with Gri££in Sr in. Dodgy handshakes, kabbalic ritual, Neo Con motives, dodgy money: White House - BNP leadership. The struggle is one! ;-)

behind blue eyes said...

FC, I just can't help myself. It must be the Doctorate in Cynical Thought I obtained at the University of Liars, Maniacs, Swindlers and Usurers.

As we all know you don't get to rise to the top in American politics without being throughly vetted and more importantly a stern supporter of AIPAC and the rest of the Isareli Lobby. It's in the public domain that the Rothschilds hosted a fund-raising banquet in London recently to raise money for John 'Mad Dog' McCain's campaign. Their supposed political opposite the Democrats are controlled by Rothschilds agents George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski. The whole political process in America is nothing but elaborate electoral illuminism shamlessly acted out by members of the same Jewish Criminal Cabal.

Sarah Palin like all the others is just the latest in a long line of stooges. Check out these articles in Jewish newspapers:-

'Palin told AIPAC she wants stronger Israel ties' at:-

Palin expresses support for Israel at:-,7340,L-3591809,00.html

behind blue eyes said...

Sarah 'Christian Zionist Stepford Wife' shows her true colours!

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told ministry students at her former church that the United States sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a "task that is from God."

Full story at:-

Pastor Depleted Uranium of the Alaskan Church of Deluded Zionist Sociopaths was unavailable for comment.

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