Saturday, 27 September 2008

Shock News: BNP to Denounce and Attack JUDAISM!

YES! At Last!

By declaring that "Britain is Christian" and publishing an advert denouncing the Koran... surely it can only be a matter of days or even hours that the BNP publish a similar advert with a sinister looking rabbi (that's rabbi, not rabbit!) with a similar hateful quote from the Talmud.

We all know that if the BNP is truly Christian (and not using it as a cynical smokescreen) that they must denounce Judaism.

After all Judaism loathes and despises Christianity, Christians and yes Christ Himself!

There are a plethora of quotes to use from the Talmud concerning real hatred of everything Christian.

If the BNP is truly Christian then they must surely have a special enmity for those who crucified Christ and not just a sect that came along 600 odd years later (whom some think were created by rabbis to act as a militant buffer to prevent the spread Eastwards of Christianity which threatened Judaism as an entity).
So let's wait shall we?

Surely in a few days at most the BNP's anti-Judaic/Talmudic advert will be publicised.

Otherwise we will be forced to assume that the BNP isn't Christian at all: and is merely abusing Christianity for its own Neo-Con and Zionist message (like the Neo Cons and Israel-Firsters in America do).

And that would be worrying because it would mean not only are the BNP mimicking the Zionists, but that we Christians are being used by those whose agenda has nothing to do with Christianity.

Three afterthoughts oh patient and serene reader:

  1. The "Christian" BNP has Jewish members. Will they renounce the Talmud with its anti-Christian hatred?
  2. In Roberto Fiore's interview (see next item) he attacks Islamic and all coloured immigration, but also attacks Judaism for being inimicable with Christianity and a Christian Nation. This is the correct line to take.
  3. With the "Credit Crunch" in the news, and with politicians and journalists' reputations at an alltime low: what better chance for the BNP to publish material detailing the anti-Christian, Talmudic leanings of a disproportionate number of those in Wall Street, Westminster and "Fleet Street?" Or is it only the media-created "mad mullahs" that the BNP think threaten us?

P.S. If any kind reader would like to mock up a Christian anti-Talmudist advert for the BNP to use perhaps we might publish it - and the BNP could adopt it!


Badger Bill said...

I have heard Nick Griffin state openly to a group of nationalists in East Anglia in the 1990s that he refuses to believe in The Virgin Birth (a central tenet of Christianity accepted by Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox: and certainly an accepted part of the Anglican Church's belief system).

How can anyone pretending to defend Christianity be opposed to the core belief of Christianity?

Opposition to the Virgin Birth of Christ is the position of Jews and Communists... and Nick Griffin!

Daniel Lion-Slayer said...

Say no to the liberal Jewish multi-racial homosexual-ambivalent, Hindu/Sikh-firendly BNP!

Britain is Christian!

Rufus said...

This is just another cynical manœuvre from slick Nick. It will be interesting to see how the law reacts - isn't this illegal under the religious hatred legislation? Britain is a Christian nation, but it is Nick's kosher friends who are orchestrating the multi-culti interfaith treason which is the foundation of our nation's destruction.

Nick and his ilk are part of the campaign to get the TV watching sheople to bleet: Islam bad, Judaism good!

Atlantean 14 said...

The Talmudic Jews are behind this anti-Islamic hysteria. The only real solution is a third position on the religious issue: neither Jew, nor Muslim.

The BNP are pandering to the globalist agenda or war for Judaic conquest. The poater in itself is valid, but without an acceptance of who is really guiding the demise of Britain, Europe and kindred nations, it is mere hot-air propaganda.

Has Nick griffin been taking a leaf out of Bill White's book? These 'Naytionalists' are nothing but Zionist shills.

Dundee Tam said...

Until the BNP produces a similar advert against Israel and/or Judaism this is merely proof positive that they have been made into the boot boys of international Zionism by Mr. Griffin in his eternal search for shekels.

No doubt he thinks this will give him an easier ride to getting his Brussels sinecure and pension for life.

behind blue eyes said...

Have they started selling Yarmulke's on the Excalibur site yet?

"The strongest supporters of Judaism cannot deny that Judaism is anti-Christian."
The Jewish World, 1924

Divide and conquer is the classic modus operandi of the Jewish Talmudic Supremacists in their quest for their promised Jew World Order where they'll be the servants and us Goyim - that haven't been culled in their global Kosher abbatoir - will be their servants. Two of the biggest obstacles to this happening are Christianity and Islam. What better way to wipe out and/or weaken your enemies than by having them attack each other!

"We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews."
Count Kalergi-Coudenhove, 1925

Moslems are being used as pawns in a diabolical game being played out by these Jewish Talmudic supremacist demons in their quest for world domination.

Anonymous said...

The BNP can drop any pretence of being a `christian` party, it`s bullshit!

By turning a blind eye(no pun intended) to jews and queers, Griffin is betraying his christian supporters!

But at the end of the day votes are what counts to him and like it or not, as far as the general public are concerned rattling on about ZOG just makes you look like david icke - a loony!

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