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Britain & Palestine: Our Duty to the Arabs


According to some retarded intellects in the Neo Con fringe, trying to find excuses for dodging Israel's atrocities and mindless murder in the Gaza Strip, the events in Gaza have "nothing to do with Britain."

Above Right: Gaza and Palestine has everything to do with Britain! According to one Zionist site - in order ostensibly to pooh pooh the Palestinian flag - they state:

"This is the only official and fully internationally-recognized Palestine-specific flag (which was not restricted to internal use within a government department) that has ever existed. This is the "Palestine Civil Ensign, which was flown by ships registered in the British Palestine Mandate territory from 1927 to 1948."

So even by the Zionists' own half-baked arguments, the link between Britain and Palestine and the British role (overtly and
covertly) in handing over Palestine to Jewish Zionist terrorists, who had murdered their way across Palestine for years killing Britons and Arabs, is plain for all to see! Some British Neo Cons may now wish it wasn't --but despite what Zionist Hollywood would have us believe-- you cannot rewrite history!

As I have said before on this blog that is a lie on the grounds of geo-politics, social cohesion, mass immigration, the price of oil, American (hence our!) foreign policy... and so much more!

But there's another reason: Britain's direct involvement in Palestine.

OK, to some it's "ancient" history, but circa 70 years ago Britain ran Palestine.

Before that, British politicians made a shameful agreement to hand Palestine to the Jews (known as the Balfour Declaration).

In 1948 Britain gave up its mandate in Palestine and handed it to the UN, knowing full well that the UN would partition Palestine and hand over a portion to the Zionist Jews.

It was a sell-out of the Arabs in Palestine who had faced and would face more Jewish terrorism.

But did you also know that following the murder of 96 people in the King David Hotel massacre in 1946 (by the terrorist Irgun group) the British government insisted all illegal Jewish migrants to Israel by intercepted and sent to Cyprus.

Incidentally, as even Wikipedia acknowledges:

"Beginning in 1936, several Jewish groups such as Etzel (Irgun) and Lehi (Stern Gang) conducted their own campaigns of violence against British military and Arab targets. This prompted the British government to label them both as terrorist organizations."

As a means to ensure the British left Palestine (immediately after which "Israel" was declared and recognised in the middle of the night by the USA - nothing changes!) and the wheels could be set in motion to the UN partition, America withheld reconstruction loans it had promised Britain.

With friends like that eh?

With Stern and Irgun people involved with the Israeli government, it seems that America's lofty stated aim/ambition has never, even in the days leading up to the statement that Israel existed by the Zionist extremists, prevented it from dealing with Zionist Jews whose delight was to kill Europeans and Arabs, innocents and soldiers.

Not only did America charge Britain for the money it lent (only recently repaid!!!), but along with usury it used the loans as a means to blackmail Britain over allowing in hundreds of thousands of Jews into Palestine.

It just fulfils so many stereotypes doesn't it?

And so it was that Britain ran Palestine from 1927 - 1948.

So it was that Zionist Jewish groups were officially 'terrorists' and killed British and Arab soldiers and civilians.

Left: General Sir John Bagot (Jack) Glub, Commander of Transjordan's Arab Legion. Joined by 37 British officers who resigned their commission, they led the Arab Legion's 4000 men to defend Jerusalem from the Jewish Zionist terrorists' forces.

So it was that America applied pressure on Britain and spontaneously recognised Israel the moment the Zionist extremists and terrorists announced the Illegal State.

Yet despite Britain's role in caving into Jewish and American (one and the same?) pressure, certain apologists for Israel and wanna-be Neo Cons say that events in Gaza have "nothing to do with Britain."

For Shame.

They are letting their need for shekels or their need for adulation from Zionist sources override the basic facts of history.

What goes on in Palestine is as much "to do" with Britain as events in Zimbabwe (in fact, if you add in the factors of Zionist wars, Zionist false flag operations in Britain and so on, you can easily argue that Palestine has more to do with us than Zimbabwe!)

Some Zionists/Neo Cons are hinting that people are only interested in Palestine because of oil.

Like the Jewish leftists before them that argued that the Iraq War was solely down to oil, they are covering-up the Zionist angle, with the control Zionists have over the American government and so on.

The needless and wanton aggression and mass murder carried out in Iraq and Gaza were/are both (mistakenly or otherwise) organised by Zionists (in America and Israel) to help solidify Israel's position in the Middle East.

When Communist groups with Jewish leaders and activists stated that the Iraq war was "for oil" they were trying to cover-up the 'Israel angle.'

When "patriotic" groups with Jewish members and a Zionist-leaning policy state that the Gaza conflict is nothing to do with us and people care because "of oil" they are trying to cover up the "Zionist angle."

The former do it to try and disguise the intrinsically Jewish nature of Communism, the latter do it to try and cover up the Zionist nature of "populist patriotism."

But dear reader, we should never forget that some British patriots have stood up when the time has called, and have fought Zionist terror and done what is right, as opposed to what is profitable.

As you will see from the map here, the parts of Palestine ear-marked by the UN for the Palestinians were invaded and taken over by the Zionists.

Right: Palestine partitioned 1947-49.

The Gaza Strip is that piece handed over for Egyptian control, the West Bank is that handed over for Syrian control. Jerusalem was meant to be an "open city" (and Israel's claim to it as a capital is still illegal by UN laws).

Despite encroachments on the West Bank (see the poster available from FC showing geographic encroachment by Israel) and gradual take-over of Jerusalem, it is thanks to the Syrian army and a group of British officers that the West Bank was saved at all, and that Jerusalem was saved for the Arabs and not Israel's "capital" 60 years ago.

During the 1948 war between the Israelis and the Arabs, four thousand Transjordanian troops, commanded by 38 British officers who had resigned their commissions in the British army only weeks earlier (commanded by General Glubb), invaded the Corpus separatum region of Palestine, encompassing Jerusalem and its environs, as well as areas designated as part of the Arab state by the UN partition plan.

These brave soldiers, probably knowing they were facing the Irgun and Stern terrorists who had killed so many British soldiers and civilians, as well as murdering, poisoning and mutilating their way through Arab villages, ensured victory and the holding-off of Zionist forces by the Jordanians and kept Jerusalem free from Jewish control for decades!

General Glubb and his comrades had a difficult decision. They would give up their pensions. They might even be regarded as "traitors" (despite fighting officially labelled terrorists). They would be labelled "anti-Semites." They would be consigned to ignominy by a world increasingly becoming pro-Zionist.

Yet they showed what 38 men could achieve, prompted by moral certainty, putting right before profit, and defending the ancient rights of the Palestinian people to defend their land from terrorist interlopers whose only "justification" to the land was an agreement with God which they voided when they killed Christ (not to mention many of them were in fact Asiatic "converts" to the anti-Christian sect).

Left: The very symbol of Britishness, the red post box so beloved of street corners, towns and villages throughout the land, here in... erm... Tel Aviv. These date from the British Mandate when Britain ruled Palestine before it was knowingly given-up to Jewish rule. A small but telling nail in the coffin of the lie that Palestine has "nothing to do with Britain."

It seems to me that any British patriots would do well to remember the sacrifice and bravery of General Glubb and his 37 fellow officers who fought the murderous, terrorist Zionist forces in 1948.

Not as much money or media adulation in that of course, but are we fighting for justice or taking part in "X Factor?"

Certainly it should give every 'Patriotic Briton' food for thought - not least should we agitate for a blue plaque outside the home of General Glubb or a memorial to him and the 37 brave British officers who resigned their commissions).

At the very least it lays bare the awful, terrible and loathsome lie that what is happening in Gaza has "nothing to do with Britain."

A lie is only young once, and that lie is already withering on the vine.

It deserves to die an ignominious death!


behind blue eyes said...

Israel is the world's number one terrorist state. Its emblem is a Satanic hexagram conjured up by Mr Baphomet himself Lord Rothschild. The two blue lines on the flag represent the rivers Nile and Euphrates and the Zionist Israelis want all the land in between these rivers. Although oil and gas are important they are being utilised as a smokescreen by the Zionist apologists and disinformation agents for the real reason which is Zionist Militarist territorial expansionism.

Taken from Devilry in the Holy Land by Arnold Leese.

By means of constant propaganda the Jews have induced the Gentile peoples to believe that the Jews have some moral right to occupy Palestine.

No such moral right exists.

The Jews crept into Palestine by stealth; for only about 350 years in the whole history of the country was it under Jewish control; and the Jews lost it by conquest. Since the Romans came to
control the country in A.D. 70, the Jews have never ruled Palestine in any form. They actually have no historical claim to the country at all. They have generally been an absolute nuisance to it.

The Christians have a far better moral claim to Palestine, for there their religion was founded by a Galilean. They have always called it “The Holy Land” and have waged several Crusades to regain it from the Mohammedans, and in these wars thousands of Christians lost their lives. The Founder of their religion was done to death there by the Jews.

There is another point. The Jews who have immigrated into Palestine since the “National Home” was attempted have been chiefly Ashkenazim Jews; these are the Jews from eastern Europe; unlike the Sephardim Jews who are mainly congregated in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, these Ashkenazim Jews are the descendants, not of Jews who were ever domiciled in Palestine, but of inhabitants of the Khazar Empire in Southern Russia, which
flourished from the 7th to the 10th century; and whose early ruler became “converted” to the
religion of the Jews and forced his subjects to do the same. Thus, the Ashkenazim Jews have not
even the excuse that their ancestors ever lived in Palestine!


Here are the chief frauds and acts of bad faith that have accompanied the attempt to make Palestine a Jewish National Home:—

1. Hypocritical abandonment of the policy of self-determination in the case of the Arabs.

2. Betrayal of the promise made by Sir H. MacMahon to the Arabs that Palestine should be in their territory.

3. Betrayal for four years of the Arabs who were fighting for Palestine as our Allies.

4. Betrayal of the British soldiers fighting in Palestine, who were sold by their Government in return for Jewish “money for loans.”

5. Demand of the Jews for a National Home in which they never intended to go and live, and
could not have done if they had so intended.

6. Betrayal of the British Empire and its Navy by deliberate and continued silence about the
Oil-field which exists there.

7. Granting of concessions for the principle monopolies in Palestine to immigrant Jews, with deliberate ousting of British patriots and Arabs from competition.

8. Attempts to deceive the Gentile into a belief that the Dead Sea is of little practical value.


At the time of writing (October, 1938) Britain is conducting, on behalf of the Jews, a shameful
war on the Arabs, who, because they will not submit to the spiritual and material degradation
involved by Jewish immigration, are, like the anti-Bolsheviks of Spain, termed “rebels.”

Nothing but the Fear of War in general prevents the whole Muslim world from rising against us in righteous indignation of Jud├Žo-British policy.

British soldiers are dying every week in a shameful cause.

Peace could be secured tomorrow, merely by doing justice to the Arabs by repudiating the idiotic
Balfourian idea of a Jewish National Home in Palestine. Not a voice, however, is raised by any
Pacifist society to bring peace to Palestine in this way. The Earl of Lytton talks peace at the
League of Nations Union meetings; but it does not seem to apply to Palestine; he is the Chairman
of the Palestine Potash Co. Ltd.!

Palestine was conquered by the force of British arms, assisted by the Arabs, and should be
proclaimed forthwith a British Colony. A National Home for the Jews must be found; the best
place is Madagascar. For this, France and the displaced natives should receive full compensation
from Jewish funds. Once in Madagascar, or, if that island cannot be made partly available to
them, in a National Home elsewhere, no Jew should be allowed outside it on pain of death. There is no other way.

Hedge how you like, there is no other way.

Under our Colonial Office, Palestine should be nursed until the Arabs can stand alone. Every Jew should be cleared out of the country.

Under the Treaty of Peace with Turkey, Palestine was recognised as an independent State to be
administered by a Mandatory Power to be approved by the League of Nations. America had no
part in this Treaty, and the League of Nations is comatose and dead for all practical purposes. Let us stop fooling. The world needs cheap Potash and the British Navy needs Oil; above all, the
Arab needs justice. We are told that the Versailles Treaty is now “torn up.” The treaty with
Turkey should be cancelled as far as Palestine is concerned by the mutual assent of the parties to
it, which could be obtained. There is no need for any “tearing up.” And let America mind her
own business, for she was never at war with Turkey and will find herself plenty to do before long
in attempting to defend the unjustifiable Monroe Doctrine.

Our best friends in India are the Muslims; the British Empire has the greatest Muslim population
of any other Power in the world. There always used to be mutual respect between Briton and
Muslim, and if there is one thing that the Muslim admires, it is justice. We shall lose nothing in
prestige if we admit to the Muslim world that under Democracy, Britain has been the prey of the
Jew, and has been entrapped into using her power to enforce Jewish injustice upon the Arabs of
Palestine. Unless we admit the error, and repair it to the full, the Muslims of the world will look
elsewhere for justice. Let us be big enough to do it.

James VI said...

When the UN partitioned Palestine, the Palestinians were not consulted or asked if they wanted vast chunks of their land taken from them.

How would we feel if Kent, Northumberland, Berkshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Cumbria were given to a Norman/Scandinavian ethnic group because of a "right of return" for those whose kinsmen used to run those regions?

Then they attacked us, murdered us... etc.

We'd be pretty pissed off too!

Anonymous said...

First off, 80% approximately of those who class themselves jew is Ashkhenazi, who are Khazar, Mongols who adopted the Talmud as their coda, thus they have no rights nor can they ever justify their existance in the Holy Land. These are the modern day zionists.

The Sephardics are Christ-killers.

The Archbishop Beardie of Canterbury said...

does ANYONE from the BNP have the balls to come on here and defend their bullshit chairman's bullshit Zionist statement that Palestine is 'nothing to do with britain.'

i think this article perfectly shows that the whole zionist mess and anti-palestinian terror has everything to do with britain.


Griffin, you are a bloody disgrace.

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