Friday, 30 January 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes!


How different this week's (BBC1) Question Time was to last week's when it came to discussing Israel/Palestine and the War against Gaza.

Right: Watching and listening to the BBC's stance on the Gaza charity appeal video, and its response to criticism, has been akin to wincing your way through a badly made trashy B movie. The "plot" is so obvious as to be positively opaque! And the "baddies" out to spoil the fund-raising to alleviate the suffering are such obvious stereotypes of evil personified!

Last week's was in Manchester and there was a disproportionate (sounds familiar...) number of Jewish Zionists in the audience who shouted down any other audience or indeed panel members who dared to even faintly criticise Israel.

This week's programme was in Fort William a quite well-to-do and "touristy" town in the Scottish Highlands.

The audience could be seen to be almost 99% White and Scottish. And it would be fair to say that 90 - 95% of the audience took a sympathetic line on Palestine/Gaza and were critical of the BBC's obviously cowardly decision on the Gaza Appeal Video, so as not to upset the Zionist Lobby and loud-trouser wearing ignorant Americans.

It just goes to show that "normal" people feel angry about the way the BBC has handled this fiasco, and that a loud minority of Zionists (happy to see war crimes committed) have held sway over the BBC.


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