Friday, 9 January 2009

But Does the BNP Stays Out of Foreign Affairs?

Are events in Gaza nothing to do with Britain and the British?

Right: Palestinian Christian girl, 14 year old Christine Turok (RIP), lies in her coffin with an icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. The BNP leader thinks the death, torture, expulsion and maltreatment of Palestinian Christians by the Zionists is "none of our business" yet wants to lecture us on the maltreatment of Christian Arabs in North Africa hundreds of years ago. It's not exactly joined up thinking is it?

"We have said nothing, quite simply, because it’s nothing to do with Britain, and therefore nothing to do with the British National Party. That is the simple answer to the number of newer readers who have emailed recently to ask why this website has said nothing about the current number one international news topic - Israel’s targeted but massive air and ground response to indiscriminate but relatively feeble Hamas missile strikes on Israeli civilians.

The fighting in Gaza is not a proper concern for a British political party - especially at a time when the Bankers’ Bust threatens the livelihoods of millions and what little remains of the social cohesion of our own country. One of the core tenets of our nationalist philosophy is that Britain should keep completely out of other people’s quarrels and wars unless there are clear issues of our own national interest to give us the right, and our government the duty, to interfere."

Thus began one of the most shameful statements from any "nationalist leader" that I can recall.

Let us overlook the spin which says Israel's response is "targeted" when the number of dead Arab families and children might convince seasoned Israel-watchers otherwise.

Or is Mr. Griffin saying that Israel deliberately targets Arab families, children, mothers, UN shelters, UN aid convoys, Arab paramedics, hospitals, schools and Red Cross facilities? Wouldn't that be "anti-Semitic?"

Let us overlook the Israeli-connection of the "Bankers Bust" starting with Ron Sandlers at the dirty money-making end in America and reaching right up to to the Rothschilds.

Let us overlook the Israeli-connection of the wars we are currently fighting which all began back in the 90s when the Americans' launched 'Operation Israel Shield' as a means to invade Iraq.

It's comforting to know that Mr. Griffin thinks that anything outside our waters remains the affairs of others and not that of a political party which (despite its lack of representatives on all levels) claims to be the fourth party (ahead of the Greens and UKIP to give just two examples with more MEPs, MPs, councilors etc.) in the UK.

Should we take any political party seriously that thumbs its nose at foreign news?

Or is this a refreshing new stance? A position that decries involvement in all manner of foreign "tittle tattle" that has no knock-on effect, economic impact or social repercussions on the UK?

Well, let's leave aside the fact that Israeli terror against Gaza does have all those and thus is of great import to the UK (not least because our cretinous government is Zionist - i.e. pro-Israeli - and sits on America's coat-tails).

We can surely take comfort in Mr. Griffin's words that he and the BNP stay out of foreign affairs...

But what's this?

"Indeed, the destruction of Israel (which is the generally stated aim of all the far-left and Muslim demonstrators screaming and on occasion rioting outside the Israeli Embassy in London, and the generally unstated aim of the far smaller number of neo-Nazi cranks siding with them on the Internet) would most definitely not placate a single hardline Muslim.

"One of the fundamental lessons of the West’s long and at times desperate defence against Islam’s institutionalised aggression, sexual predation and imperialism, is that every victory for Islamic fighters reinforces the hysterical certainty in the word of the Prophet and in Islam’s self-proclaimed destiny to conquer the entire world."

Mr. Griffin goes on to spout purple prose in defence of Israel.

Really Mr. Griffin! What has that to do with us?

And a diatribe against Islam??? Is the BNP now a religious party? What about the swingers and paedophiles near the leadership? Are they busy 'defending Christianity?'

Can we expect some statement on the Jewish religion, its rejection of Christ, its sheer hatred of us Christians, and its - perceived or otherwise - "self-proclaimed destiny to conquer the entire world" -- or do you claim, like other Neo Cons that that too is "nothing to do with us?"

Is there a pattern appearing here?

Still we can rest easy that Mr. Griffin sees events outside Europe as nowt to write home about... or does he?

"Tours, Lepanto, Vienna, and even in its lesser way Omdurman, all show that Islam defeated is Islam tamed. The burning of the ancient Library of Alexandria, the obliteration of Christian North Africa, the Islamist genocides in India, the destruction of Byzantium, the repeated rape of the Balkans, the ceaseless efforts to take Europe - all show that when Islam takes a foot it wants a hundred miles."

How amazing!

In the same piece in which he says current events in Gaza should be of no concern to him or his party, he waxes lyrical about the wiping out of Christians in North Africa years ago!

I do believe this is what Jews call Chutzpah.

Has Mr. Griffin not seen the picture of the dead Christian little girl killed by the Israelis? (I've put it at the beginning of this piece so he cannot claim ignorance).

Right: FC's full colour 'flyer' detailing the crimes of Israel. Order them here.

Does Mr. Griffin not concern himself with the walling-in of Christian Arabs in Bethlehem by Israel?

Does Mr. Griffin not care when a Christian Archbishop is prevented from entering Gaza, by the Israelis, to celebrate Christmas Mass for the Arabs?

Does Mr. Griffin not recall the killing of British and Arab Christians by the Stern Gang and other Zionist terrorists - all in the name of Israel?

Does Mr. Griffin not recall the ethnic cleansing of entire Christian communities in Palestine, communities that are now forced to live in refugee camps and shanty towns in Lebanon, the West Bank and... er... Gaza?

Or is Mr. Griffin's feigned disinterest in such foreign affairs limited to the crimes of the Zionists?

After all he seems to take great delight in raking the coals of - perceived or otherwise - crimes of the Muslims throughout history!

It smacks of the TV channels and "experts" who continue promoting the "holocaust" and waffle on about "nazi hunting" for aged anti-Communist freedom fighters from the Baltic Nations and elsewhere when we have war crimes being committed before our very eyes in Gaza!

What need to worry about current events that can result in higher oil prices? or social instability? or political resentment? All of which can directly or indirectly effect the UK -- especially with our troops fighting needless wars on behalf of Neo Cons in America and Israel.

Far better to waffle on about history and Islamic crimes in... er... foreign countries!

No doubt the Crusaders who stopped off to attack Jewish ghettos en route to defend Europe from Islam and protect European and Arab Christians will be spinning in their graves at Mr. Griffin's playing footsie with Zionist Israel in their name!

Left: Whilst Israel foments wars and controls America, whose orders we follow, events in Occupied Palestine are of prime importance: any politicians who says otherwise is not fit for office and/or a bought and paid for traitor.
Order this sticker here.

Still, they may take some small comfort that at least he stays out of events in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian lands. Doesn't he?

Mr. Griffin -- who, do not forget is seriously the wannabe Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and stands for public office -- finishes with one final flourish for those in any doubt of his position:

"In the meantime, we will go back to ignoring Gaza and concentrate on the things that matter to our people. "

Don't you see dumb goy reader!

These events in Gaza have nothing to do with you! Don't be so concerned at the terror tactics of a state holding illegal nukes! Don't fret over the foreign policy of an illegal state which regularly brings us to the brink of WW3! Don't you crinkle your weary forehead over the machinations of a state which regularly wangles events so that our soldiers get sent into countries it sees as a threat. Close your eyes when the news is on!

Please don't cry dear reader!

Mr. Griffin - the great ideologue of the nationalist... er... patriotic... er... Zionist right-wing party... says that none of these things matter to us, and so isn't that is what we should think?

We should talk about the Islamist ethnic cleansing of Christian Arabs from North Africa 100s of years ago apparently, but not the Zionist/Jewish ethnic cleansing of Christian Arabs from former Palestinian land decades ago (and.. er... today!).

Let that be a lesson to you!

And as Mr. Griffin has said about affairs in this land - with the Serious Fraud Office looking into the tens of billions that Mr. Bernard Madoff secreted in the UK - in these cases the Jewishness of the criminal(s) is just so much irrelevance!

The fact that raving Zionists like Mr. Madoff are funnelling billions around in a criminal scheme, some of which seems to have passed through the UK, and all of which undermines the financial system which has a knock on effect on jobs and the British economy is a matter to be viewed in a purely non-political way, with no focus given on the politics, religion or ethnic group of the criminal(s) involved.

We can trust Mr. Griffin on this, because we know that when Muslim criminals are caught and in the news, the BNP ignores the politics, religion or ethnic group of the criminal(s) involved: just as it does with the likes of Mr. Madoff (yes, dear reader I am sprinkling these lines with more than a dusting of irony!).

Still, we can all walk away from this knowing that Mr. Griffin is ignoring the facts of the Madoff case in the interest of community cohesion and tolerance, and in the spirit in which he ignores current events in Israel/Occupied Palestine.

Right: The Neo-Conned books contain a wealth of material written by "right wing," "left wing" and others politicos, by Christians, Muslims, Jews and atheists, by Americans, Europeans and Arabs. All of them follow different aspects of the build-up to the war in Iraq and show how the war was organised and run for Zionists. With British soldiers dying in Iraq how can any serious politician state that Israel's crimes are irrelevant and none of our business? He would have to be a plain idiot - or something more sinister!
Buy the Neo Conned books here.

As someone truly, purposefully ignorant of and silent on events in Occupied Palestine, it would be meaningless and pointless (and some might add a shameful gimmick), for example, for Mr. Griffin to state the following in an interview with a Hebrew-language Israeli newspaper (Ma'ariv):

"Four million Jews would be preferable to four million Pakistanis."

"[I have] no time for anti-Semites."

"[Bernard Madoff] didn't steal OUR pensions funds. He mostly stole from Jewish charities. He may be a Jewish crook, but his Jewishness is irrelevant."

Leaving us to ask the questions:

1. Why four million of any immigrant non-European, non-Christian people whose first loyalty will be to a potentially hostile state?

2. As Arabs are Semites will he take action and expel the morons in the BNP who applauded the murder of innocent Lebanese and now innocent Palestinians?

3. Madoff allegedly funneled funds through the UK (and Israel!) -- and will Mr. Griffin's BNP now stop cherry-picking crimes committed by Muslims as, according to his own criteria the religion or ethnic group of a criminal is "irrelevant"? By the way, as Robert Maxwell stole British pension monies and worked for Mossad, is his Jewishness also "irrelevant" to the BNP?

4. Why is Mr. Griffin wasting his time in a foreign paper, published in a foreign language which has "nothing to do with Britain, and therefore nothing to do with the British National Party." Or is he admitting via this interview, to a purely Israeli audience, that the influence of Israeli Jews over British politics is sufficient enough to warrant his time and energy? If this is the case his lies over Gaza will unravel. If it's not the case - why waste his time trying to curry favour with an anti-Christian people and terrorist state?

Still, it's nice to know that the "fourth largest" political party is consistent in its treatment of foreign affairs, criminal matters and war-mongering!

Consistantly pouring over "Islamist" affairs, criminality and "war-mongering" and consistantly ignoring Jewish Zionist affairs, criminality and "war-mongering."

I won't mention usury-banking, the credit crunch, the porn industry, international finance, over-representation in Parliament etc. because, sad to say, I can't see an "Islamist" element... so these won't matter to the BNP leader.

Now let me put my BNP-approved blinkers back on!

See no Gaza, Hear no Gaza, Speak no Gaza!

Post Script: see the bottom link for news from a bottom feeder - the BNP's Lee Barnes and his thoughts on Israel's Gaza "incursion." The BNP is now, no doubt about it, a ZIONIST party and nationalists throughout Europe and America should treat it accordingly. They cannot 'have their cake and eat it.'


BNP Leaders Statement on Gaza

BNP Leader's Interview with Israeli newspaper

Dead Palestinian Christian that Mr Griffin thinks doesn't matter

The BNP's Lee Barnes has CELEBRATED Israel's Attacks and the resulting deaths


Harry said...

Dear God. I have tried desperately to give Griffin some kind of 'chance' but that's it. I despair.
Four Million Jews better than Four Million Islamics? He really has become just a complete and willing Sabbat Goy for the New World Order (shakes head in resignation....).

Anonymous said...

griffin has finally been exposed to nationalists as yet another pillar of the system. always an opportunist and party-hopper, this man has set back the radical agenda of nationalism for years. national revolution cannot accomodate the halfway house politics of griffin. the old representative order must be destroyed in its entirety. there is no middle ground. no respectable path for the half-hearted armchair theorists. griffin belongs to the decadent age, leave him there to rot.

Anonymous said...

No words can suffice for the genuine hatred I feel for Griffin. He's sold everyone out...

Political Soldier Francais said...

Not only has he sold us out: but he's done so when he knows the cost to us and our cause - and the cost to him:

What should if profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

Anonymous said...

its now time for those true nationalists in the BNP to form a breakaway group and distance themselves away from griffin's clique while they still have some credibility left. nationalism has suffered many schizms down the years, often over disputes that could have been managed, but griffin is a problem that cant be managed. he has made british nationalism a laughing stock around europe with his populist compromise.

the calibre of BNP political officers is laughable, but thats how griffin wants it, no-one to challenge his lofty position. there must be people in the BNP with conscience, people who feel sick at griffins attempt to suck up to zionism, and his attempts to drag the party into the mainstream. when the system breaks down the mainstream is not the place to be! people will be looking for a radical alternation and a break from the cosy council seat consensus of the past. the BNP has become rotten, has become decadent, has become an extention of griffins ego, of his personal quest for approval.

its time the radical elements in the BNP led a purge and kicked out griffin and all the compromisers. time those with a sense of pride took their party back and turned it into a movement with a cutting edge once again. then people like me might just be interested in getting involved in radical national politics once more.

behind blue eyes said...

Griffin and the BNP are a classic example of what the souless mass murdering Talmudic miscreants do best.

They love to set up and/or infiltrate pre-existing groups and organisations and then steer the 'ship' in whatever direction suits their sociopathic supremacist agenda.

If it wasn't so serious I would be laughing my head off!

Griffin stating Israel is the only civilised country in the region!!!

Butchering defenceless children is now Griffin Orwellian Double Speak for civilised.

Turning an area that houses 1.5 million people into a gigantic concentration camp is now Griffin Orwellian Double Speak for civilised.

Bombing hospitals and attacking ambulances is now Griffin Orwellian Double Speak for

Committing a colossal War Crime against defenceless citizens is now Griffin Orwellian Double Speak for civilised.

Griifin was heard to shout 'I love Zionist Israel' as he slipped into his MOSSAD bathrobe.

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